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Cambodian Genocide Research Papers Custom Written

Research papers on Cambodian genocide research papers show that the end of twentieth century was one of the bloodiest ever in terms of lives lost and destroyed. Cambodian Genocide is frequently studied in political science classes and international politics course work. Paper Masters can flush out the history and causes of Cambodian genocide in a custom research paper for you.

Between 1975 and 1979 when the Khmer Rouge was in power, men, women, and children were murdered for senseless reasons such as:Cambodian Genocide

Not only were millions of lives lost, but entire cities were destroyed, money became worthless, and families were split apart forever. While some may consider the survivors to be lucky, these individuals are forever left with the nightmares and images of their loved ones being murdered before their eyes and the horror of a nation of people being turned into virtual slaves. For three and a half years, all forms of the Khmer society were virtually wiped out as the Khmer Rouge ideology took the place of a nation’s cultural and religious beliefs.

The Death Toll of Genocide

Research papers that investigate the exact death toll of the Cambodian genocide may differ according to the source consulted. For instance, according to Newsweek as many as one million people were killed while others claim the number was closer to two million, and some put the number of slaughtered somewhere in between one and two million. According to the second estimate, approximately fifteen to twenty percent of the entire population was wiped out during the time the Khmer Rouge, led by Pol Pot, was in power. Scholars attribute 100,000 of these deaths to the outright murder of Cambodian’s for imaginary crimes against the Khmer Rouge regime and the rest due to starvation and disease. Let us help you determine the exact number of victims of Cambodian genocide in a custom research paper.

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