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Hca Hope Fund

HCA Hope Fund

The assignment is to write a case about the HCA Hope Fund. Essentially, you are telling a short story about this non-profit organization.

Write a case study, which includes the following:

  1. Brief history: When did the organization begin and why?
  2. Mission and Programs: describe the organization, including its mission, programs, and staff (include an organizational chart).
  3. Board: describe the board of directors including how many members and at a least general overview of who the members are, how it is organized (committees, etc.), and how often it meets.
  4. Strategic Planning: does the organization have a strategic or long-term plan in place? When was the plan last reviewed/revised?
  5. Volunteers: how does the organization recruit, utilize and reward volunteers?
  6. Resource Development: how does the organization generate the funds needed to accomplish its mission? Does the organization have an endowment?
  7. Current issues: what are the important issues or challenges the organization's decision makers are facing today?

In developing the case study on HCA Hope Fund Term Paper you are required to:

  • Conduct short interviews with at least one member of the executive staff (preferably the executive director), one board member (preferably a member of the executive committee), using phones, in person or email.
  • The website of this entity is The website contains most of the information needed for the project and can be used in the event emails are not returned by the Hopefund employees outlined earlier in the instructions. The FAQ section of the website has valuable information and if you still need more help after reading the FAQs, you can contact the Hope Fund staff by email at or call (877) 857-HOPE. You'll get a personal reply.
  • Examine current documents including online information, annual reports, and the most recent IRS 990. (This document should be available at
  • Much of the information needed can be found in organization documents or web page. Another useful source is Be sure you have read these materials before the interviews so that you can tailor your questions to the interviewee. For example, you want to ask the agency volunteer about why they volunteer for the organization. You will want to ask each interviewee about their perspective regarding the organization's challenges.
  • Include a citation page listing all sources used in writing this case, including interviews (name, title connected to agency, and date of interview), and agency reports as a reference page at the end of your document in APA format. Your file should be saved in MS Word, 12 Point Font, double-spaced, and in APA format including the abstract.

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Hca Hope Fund Research Papers

HCA Hope Fund Research Papers delve into an example of an order placed on writing a case study on a specific non-profit organization.

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