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Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing

This is a business MBA level research paper that discusses the essential tools of strategic marketing. This is project for an MBA marketing classes.

The primary objective of this assignment is to view yourself as a Product Development and Marketing Manager of a single very important product line: what Tom Peters has called "The Brand Called You." As a Product Development and Marketing Manager you need to determine the market and competitive environment, the product's features and benefits, the customers' needs your product fulfills, your product's value proposition, how your product will be positioned, priced, and distributed, and the best promotional tactics to reach your target audience. You'll also need to determine what improvements or repositioning might be needed.

Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan

Develop a marketing strategy for your product based upon the industry and job market you are in or hope to enter. Follow the basic outline for a marketing plan that is provided in Winer, pages 45-72. Include the following elements in your analysis:

1. Executive Summary

2. Objectives

3. Strategic Alternatives

4. Customer Targets

5. Competitor Targets

6. Product Features (include strengths and limitations, features and benefits, product life cycle issues)

7. Core Strategy

8. Differentiating factors

9. Positioning and Value Proposition

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