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Energy Saving Marketing

Energy Saving Light Bulbs Market Brief

While Energy Saving Bulbs have been available for some years, it is only in the past few they have become popular. With the increased interest in going "green" the Bright Bulb Corporation has developed a line of Compact Fluorescent Energy Saving Bulbs that offer the attributes of incandescent bulbs while remaining environmentally friendly.

Bright Bulbs offer full spectrum light, instead of the stark white fluorescent. These bulbs are closer to sunlight than any other bulb currently on the market. Bulbs are available in all standard sizes, plus three-way sizes normally not seen if CFL Bulbs. Bright Bulbs will also offer a pink bulb for a softer look, as well as flood and big globe lights that look like normal bulbs instead of more common pig tail for those instances where appearance is important.

The fiscal year will be July 2008-June 2009. It is expected that a full line of products will be on store shelves in June 2008, well before advertising is to begin. There is no evidence of any seasonal pattern to sales. Consumers tend to keep a few bulbs in the home because you never know when a bulb will burn out and they do not want to need to run out for a replacement. One could argue that the incandescent bulbs burn out more in the fall/ winter because they are in more use, and most bulbs fail upon being turned on rather than while they are burning.

The Marketing Objectives:

Introduce the new product to the consumer at levels high enough to impact sales as early in the fiscal year as possible. The company is willing to forgo year round advertising in order to insure that when the product is advertised the levels are high.

Use media elements that help demonstrate that these new bulbs offer a level of lighting attractiveness that has not been available up to now.

While awareness of energy saving bulbs is high, and half the household of America have at least one bulb, individual brand awareness is all but non existent. The company wants their bulb to be the one people look for first and one bulb they can name. Old line companies like GE, Sylvania and Philips have high general awareness in the incandescent market. Bright Bulb wants to be the leader in the Energy saving arena.

The company wants to advertise nationally, first because there is no reason to suspect any regional skew, but more importantly the brand needs support of big box stores (Wal Mart, Target, Home Depot, Lowe's) in order to obtain distribution. These retailers require that advertising expenditure be national. Local market/ areas can be included if evidence for that can be found.

In order to encourage trial, there should be at least one coupon drop in national magazines. Coupon support in FSI's will be covered by the promotional budget but the magazine effort comes from the media budget. The cost of covering Coupon redemption comes from promotional budget.

All media elements are available. The brand manager feels that magazines, which allow for explanation of product, and television that allows for demonstration are the best media elements.

One of the themes of the creative is "BEAT THE WINTER BLUES". While using these bulbs is not considered therapeutic for sunlight starvation: we believe that using this tag line especially as the winter approaches with fewer hours of daylight, will help remind consumers of the product.

The promotions department would like to have the opportunity for the product placement in appropriate television programs. In order for this to happen, advertising space at a significant level will have to be purchased. This effort should only be considered if all other advertising objectives are met. Should this be recommended, at least one million dollars needs to be set aside to cover costs of the advertising and the promotion.

Here is the Budget:


Details of the Market Brief Should be Written:

1. Turn the Marketing Objectives as given into short sentences or bullet points.

2. Write Media Objectives for each Marketing Objective. These can be sentences or bullet points.

a. Remember to answer the Who, When and Where questions

b. Use the Average Frequency to select what you feel would be an appropriate reach level for your advertising.

c. You can have more than one media objective for each marketing objective, but each marketing objective must have at least one media objective.

3. You should include some rationale for your media objectives. This should not be lengthy, just simply some statement that backs up what you said.

One example might be:

Marketing Objective

  • Increase sales by 2 percent

Media Objective

  • Reach current customers consistently throughout the year

Current customers are the easiest to obtain sales from since it can be assumed that they are already loyal users. By maintaining an advertising presence against them we hope to be able to generate a strong sales response.

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