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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

When new technologies are presented to society, they are often used for more than their original intentions; such can be said about technologies like the internet, cellular phones, and social media. While each of these was designed for relatively benign purposes - sharing information, communication, and social networking, respectively - all have become part of a growing trend known as digital marketing. Paper Masters integrates all of these marketing techniques into research and delivers a custom project for you. You can also simply order a research paper on any one of the most popular digital marketing trends today.

Digial marketing the use of digital technologies such as those mentioned above for the purpose of marketing goods or services, has become a ubiquitous element of everyone's life, so much so that it - and its reach - is often overlooked. The most common forms of digital marketing are as follows:

  1. Internet
  2. Email
  3. Social Media

The most common form of digital marketing comes via the internet. Businesses that utilize practices such as search engine optimization (SEO) or e-mail direct marketing are all reaching their consumers via the internet. In some cases, it is a simple as an advertisement on a website; in other cases, it is the use of algorithms and documented search engine results to specifically target advertisements to individual users. This is especially common within the realm of social media. Nearly everyone can think of a time when they searched for something and found it referenced in an advertisement on Facebook just a short while later. In this way, corporations are learning about customers' digital practices and reaching out to them through the most common channels. Becoming more and more common today is marketing through the use of cellular phones. Again, through the use of advertisements in apps or targeted text-messaging services, corporations are finding it easier and easier to reach their customers (or their prospective customers) when they have a multitude of digital channels that provide immediate access to individuals the world over.

Marketing and the Cloud

Simon Withers, in The Guardian article "Cloud Computing: the path to transforming the workplace" (2013), writes of the profound effect that digital media, particularly cloud computing, is having on working practices in organizations and business. He also makes it clear that all workers and workplaces, if they are going to remain viable in the coming decades, must evolve and initiate the changes needed to take advantage of cloud technology. Although, according to Withers, cloud technology is "still in its nascent phase," the advantages it provides workplace are obvious and every organization and business must adapt to get the most from them.

Practices such as remote working, database access from any device, and real-time data streams that cloud technology offers organizations and business is already influential and will only become more so in the coming years. In fact, as Withers points out, mobile web usage will outstrip desktop use by the end of the year, so cloud technology is sure to increase worker productivity and knowledge. Further, the digital media that iscloud technology has proven to reduce IT maintenance costs, increase automation and scalability, and simplify IT framework. Put another way, this technology is forever chaining how information is both internally and externally handled in the workplace.

However, for organizations and businesses to take advantage of cloud technology, they will need, as Withers writes, "robust and flexible IT infrastructure that is underpinned with a strong secure, resilient foundation." Withers suggests that organizations and businesses employ cloud chief information officers (CIOs) who can develop innovate applications delivered within a Software as Service (SaaS) framework that helps support workers as well as customers. Because cloud technology allows for instant and constant access to workplace data and services, organizations and businesses competing in this new technology-reliant marketplace and society must make decisions that increase their IT infrastructure so that they are not left behind with an obsolete business model.

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Digital Marketing research papers discuss the use of technologies such as the internet, cell phones, and social media for the purpose of marketing goods or services.

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