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Demolition Man and Marketing

Demolition Man and Marketing

The movie Demolition Man was chosen for its use of marketing oriented concepts. You are to view the movie specifically noting material covered in your book and in lectures. The Movie Task requires that you choose 5 course concepts that are applied in the movie and write about the concepts and their application.


The goal is to enable you to identify, recognize, understand and apply course concepts. Concepts in the "real world" are not neatly labeled for you. This task will be an exercise in locating applied concepts and effectively communicating them to me in a written format. The movie has been chosen for the conceptual marketing content and for its general viewer-friendliness. By viewer-friendliness, I mean it is not overly intellectually taxing, contains limited "adult" content and depicts violence that is metered for "average adult tolerance." This basically means the content is marketing focused, the movie is not difficult to understand, and the movie ratings system does not anticipate the content to be overly sexual or graphically intense in terms of violence.

Marketing Assignment Expectations:

1. View the movie focusing on course concepts.
2. Identify 5 course concepts (book, lecture, discussion) applied in the movie.
3. Write a 3-5 page paper which effectively:

a. Identifies the concept (define using book, lecture, class discussion).
b. Demonstrates how these concepts are applied in the movie.
c. Evaluates the movie's depiction of each concept.

Demolition Man and Marketing Paper Requirements

  • Paper: Make sure you present your Movie Task in a professional manner (typed/computer printed, clean document

- no typos, no grammar errors, all sentences and paragraphs are well structured,
Clearly separated concepts:

  • Concept Title
  • Concept Definition
  • Demonstrate how these concepts are applied in the movie
  • Evaluation of the movie's depiction of the concept

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Demolition Man and Marketing Research Papers

Demolition Man and Marketing reserch papers discuss the movie chosen for its use of marketing oriented concepts.

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