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This is a topic suggestion on Cannonball from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

The affiliate marketing program "Be Free" seems to have many advantages that would aid Mr. Baron in his operation of The Cannonball.

  1. Be Free has several claims that indicate a propensity towards results.
  2. Their top customers have doubled the number of leads that they have per year.
  3. They have retailers that have generated nearly twelve times the amount of revenue that is being spent and they are also a member of ValueClick, Inc., which gives one access to some of the newest online and offline technology.

These are claims that are all made by Be Free on their web site, one has a propensity to believe in at least part of the reliability of the claims even though they are made by the company itself, mostly because of their record with the Better Business Bureau.

Be Free Company

According to the Better Business Bureau (as listed on their web site) there are 68 companies in this same type of business as Be Free. There have been 51 complaints filed against these companies within the last three years. However, there has not been one complaint filed against Be Free, ever. Be Free has a record that is totally clean. Of course the Better Business Bureau cannot endorse any product or company, but they do perform a strict comparison against all other businesses of this type. Be Free seems to come out quite unstained. With that in mind, one can begin to outline other reasons for the use of Be Free as an affiliate program broker.

The Cannonball Account

Another advantage of Be Free is that they offer to handle the account for The Cannonball.That means that Mr. Baron only has to outline to Be Free the goals of this marketing strategy and the results desired and then Be Free will take up the responsibility of keeping up with what commissions are owed to who and why. Or, Be Free, also has a program where The Cannonball can take a more hands-on approach and run the program for itself.

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Cannonball research papers discuss the advantages of the marketing program at Be Free that would aid Mr. Baron's operation.

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