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Biofoods In Africa

BioFoods in Africa

Research papers on biofoods in Africa take the topic from a business standpoint and illustrate how effective biofoods can be for Africa. There are several topics that can be focused on to make your biofoods project more specific to Africa. Here are a few suggestions from our MBA writers:

  • BioFoods in other nations as compared to Africa
  • BioFoods as a sustainable source in Africa
  • Government funding of BioFoods
  • Private funding of BioFoods

Developing and promoting new business ventures in foreign countries can be a difficult proposition for most organizations. Given the social, economic and political climates in different countries often vary greatly in foreign countries-a reality that is even more exacerbated in developing nations-starting a new company in a foreign country can be risky, at best. In order to determine the potential for success (or failure), companies need to consider a myriad of issues when making the decision to begin marketing their product in a foreign country. This research paper outlines some of the most important issues that need to be considered for marketing new BioFoods Company products, which are genetically altered withstanding conditions such as drought and pest destruction, in Africa. Although Africa, at the outset seems to be the perfect location for marketing this product-as famine and drought are pervasive in the region-an assessment of potential problems must be addressed before the decision to market BioFoods products in Africa is made.

Marketing BioFoods in Africa

The first decision that must be made about marketing BioFoods in Africa is the issue of human resource management. As the company is headquartered in the United States, management must first decide how to handle setting up a company in Africa. Will regional salespeople be hired or will the company utilize current staff to promote the product abroad?

Effective Marketing and the African Population

This question is difficult to answer as the decision seems to represent a double-edged sword. If current staff is utilized exclusively, BioFoods runs the risk of being "out of the loop" when it comes to effective marketing. Unfamiliar with the territory, language, customs and surroundings, BioFoods may find it difficult to make headway with current staff. Although hiring local representatives for the company proves to be a possibility, this situation also proves problematic. As a large majority of the African population remains largely uneducated, securing knowledgeable individuals capable of selling and marketing these types of products may prove challenging.

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Biofoods In Africa Research Papers

BioFoods in Africa research papers look at the BioFoods company and its market with Africa and the issue of human resource management within the company.

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