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Fundamentals of Marketing

Fundamentals of Marketing research papers discuss environmental factors, target market, objectives, and action plans to develop a marketing strategy.

Requirements for Fundamentals of Marketing Research Paper:

Create a product or service (do not choose an existing brand) OR select a product or service from the following list: cell phone , video game, motorcycle, perfume, hair salon, toothpaste, website design consulting business, online dating service, auto body shop.

  1. Using the course resources, develop an environmental analysis, marketing strategy , and marketing mix for this product.
  2. Consider if your selected product is affected by environmental factors (Political, Economic, Socio-cultural, Technological, Competitive). If so, how?
  3. Include a description of the target market and positioning (how customers perceive your product or service).
  4. Include a detailed overview of each element of the marketing mix (product, price, distribution, and marketing communications).
    Please submit your assignment in a word document using APA format.

Research Paper Topic Suggestions on Marketing

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Marketing Model of Dell Computers - Marketing Model of Dell Computers research papers overview the history of Dell and how they market pc's. Research paper topics on Dell or any other business topic can be written custom from the Master - Paper Masters.

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White Paper - A white paper research paper discusses a type of document that addresses a specific topic of interest and generally has a unique type of organization or format, a clear purpose, and a distinct audience.

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Fundamentals of Marketing Research Papers delve into an order placed for a project on creating a product of service.

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