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What A Business Manager Is

What is a Business Manager

The research "business manager" can cover a broad range of occupations and specialized fields, however it is most frequently equated with the role of the administrative service manager. For this paper, "business manager" will apply to the same. Business managers are employed in both the private and public sectors, including private industry and government facilities, however the wholesale and resale industries account for 8 out of 10 business manager placements. Responsibilities, performance requirements, educational requirements, wages and level of experience may vary according to the facility hiring.

A general definition of the work provided by the business manager is the following:

  • Managing the planning, organization, direction, and coordination of the supportive services department of a business, agency, or organizations.
  • One of the main objectives of the business manager is to oversee the organization's support services and ensure that operations run smoothly.
  • The support services that they may supervise include clerical, secretarial, accounting, and inventory.
  • The business manager may also be responsible for enforcing safety regulations, recruitment and hiring decisions and development and enforcing an organization's policies.

The specific functions of the business manager will vary by organization or agency. For example, a business manager may supervise the preparation and negotiation of contracts for an organization when purchasing equipment, materials or services. The business manager may also be responsible for the acquisition and distribution of those supplies as well as the scheduling and delegation of positions within an organization.

Some employers may only require experience and a high school diploma or equivalent. Business, English and advanced math courses in high school can develop a strong business management background, which may lead to opportunities with smaller firms. Outside of high school experience, educational requirements depend on what level of management is sought. The majority of employers will require post-secondary education and training. Larger and more distinguished companies with a high profile will most often require a bachelor's degree in business, management or finance.

Business managers generally perform duties in comfortable offices and may be required to spend much time sitting. Depending on their involvement in a corporation however, their functions may also require extensive traveling. A 40-hour week is standard for most positions, but overtime without compensation may be necessary to handle problems or to make deadlines.

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