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Quality Management

Quality Management

Does this Quality Management assignment look familiar? Many professor's assign topics just like this and our writers custom write each one.

Assistance needed for a (5) five pages APA style Quality Management research paper. The topic is Quality Management on a Orthopedic and Neurological Unit. Let say the majority of the patients on the unit make up about 60% orthopedic population and neurological and medical-surgical clients will make up the 40% balance.

Based on this scenario and research I need to put this in a essay format for Quality Management Research Paper:

  1. Identify the nursing care delivery system that is commonly served on such unit.
  2. Identify the client population commonly served on the unit. 60% orthopedic, 40% neurological and medical surgical.
  3. Identify high volume or high-risk types of cases on this unit that one would encounter.
  4. Determine what would be the unit's usual care problem such as skin integrit,. immobility and the elderly patient.
  5. What standards of care would be applied in relationship to the patient population such as "floating heel" which involves heels off the bed for prevention of skin breakdown and edema formation or reporting incidences such as falls or minor errors.
  6. List the desired goals and/or outcomes to be instituted to address the usual problems such as staffing and etc.
  7. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of acre provided to this population.
    For strengths it could be the experience nurse and weakness not enough in-services or education .etc.
  8. How should the agency approach quality assessment/improvement. How is this implemented at the unit level.
  9. I'd the style of leadership demonstrated on the unit and its relationship to implementation of change. let's use the delegated (free reign) that allows nurses to exercise autonomy.
  10. Develop approaches to change, especially the weaknesses and who should do this - nurse manager, committee, etc.

Brief Overview of the History of Quality Management:

The growing complexities of today's organizations require a definitive management approach to ensure complete efficiency and productivity. Among the many quality management theories practiced, Total Quality Management has surfaced as one of the most respected. Definitions of Total Quality Management vary according to the specific context within which managers and practitioners operate. Total Quality Management is generally recognized, however, as a new system of principles, tools, and practices needed to manage a company in order to provide customer satisfaction in a rapidly changing global economy. Using Total Quality Management not only eliminates product and service defects, but it as well enhances product design, speeds service, reduces costs, and, above all, changes the organizational culture and improves the quality of work life.

The concept of Total Quality Management was originally developed by the American, W. Edwards Deming, after World War II for improving the production quality of goods and services. The idea was not seriously regarded by Americans until after the Japanese, who adopted it in 1950 to resurrect their postwar business and industry, used it to dominate world markets by the 1980s. By then, most U.S. manufacturers had finally accepted that the nineteenth-century assembly line factory model was outdated for modern global economic markets and that better approaches to general management were needed.

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