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Management is needed in any workplace organization when disputes arise.

Conflicts in the workplace and personal relationships are inevitable. Whether the conflict involves a personal relationship with a neighbor that plays loud music or a problem between departments in the workplace, disputes arise and often require management to be successfully resolved. This paper will identify conflict management approaches used in my organization. In addition, it will compare the approach used in my workplace with my personal conflict management style. This discussion will demonstrate that my approach to conflict management is primarily based on maintaining happiness, while my workplace approaches conflict management from a business and productivity perspective. Both personal and organizational approaches have the ultimate goal of survival, in cases where extreme conflict management is required.

Conflict Management in the Workplace

There are many approaches to conflict management in the workplace, including an open door policy, peer review, ombudsman, union-management model, employer-run dispute resolution procedures, mediation, and fact-finding. In my organization, a combination of tools is sometimes employed to manage informal conflicts, including an open door policy, fact-finding, and punitive measures. For example, supervisors are available to hear the complaints and recommendations of employees, but this is discouraged and viewed as unsatisfactory workplace behavior, by many supervisors.

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