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Merging With A European Firm

Merging With a European Firm

A common assignment on Merging With a European Firm is as follows:

Project Requirements are as follows for Merging With a European Firm Research Paper:

  1. Prepare a response with 4 FULL pages
  2. Use font size 12
  3. Consult the 2 sets of notes and "Seven Rules" article to help prepare response. I will fax these documents.
  4. Also reference Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) law, "Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964", to prepare response.
  5. Be certain to cite EEO legal cases in response to the below questions.

Prepare an essay responding to the following 4 questions for Merging With a European Firm Research Paper:

  1. Your company is merging with a European firm. You have just conducted a training program about Equal Employment Opportunity policies for first line supervisors who are moving from Europe to the U.S. In your question and answer period, one of the foreign staff asks you: "Are you saying that we can't hire the employees' friends and family? Why would an organization want to use EEO instead?? Explain.
  2. Another foreign staff member says: "I am somewhat confused. You said that ADA is determined on a case-by-case basis. Does that mean that disparate impact (adverse impact) can't occur under ADA?" Explain whether a case-by-case method and disparate impact are compatible concepts.
  3. Still another asks: "In our country it is very difficult to fire anyone. I've heard that in America people can be fired at any time. How does the U.S. policy benefit or hurt the organization, the employee, and the working relationship?" Explain the U.S. policy and its impact.
  4. Susan works for a mid-size technology firm in California. In her department, which was recently reorganized into one large division from two smaller units during a downsizing exercise, there are 19 men and 5 women. Bill, the Vice President of Network Services, previously directed one of the smaller units. A new position, Technical Manager, was added to help manage the enlarged group. From 7 internal applicants, last week, Pauline was selected for the opening. Previously, Pauline was the only woman in Bill's department. They always flirted during staff meetings. Recently, the comments have become less subtle, more frequent, and quite public. They often eat together in the cafeteria, stay late at the office, and travel to the same conferences. The rumor is they are having an affair and that is why Pauline got the job

a. Susan believes she is better qualified for the position since she has worked for the company longer, over 8 years. She joined when she finished her graduate degree, in 1994, and her youngest daughter entered grade school. Then, the firm was almost new and she was able to work in several of the functional areas to get a broader understanding of the business. She has come to you, the head of HR, saying she may need to file a formal complaint with the EEOC. She doesn't think having sex with the supervisor should be a factor in determining who gets the job.

b. If Susan files a case, what would the company's legal defense be? What information would it need to have? Be logical and specific, using the terms and concepts covered in this course. What, if anything, should you, as the head of HR, do about this situation?

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