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Canada and Potato Chips

Canada and Potato Chips

Paper Masters will write on any bizarre topic for your business or MBA course that you need done. Professor's often try to stretch your mind by assigning topics that are obscure and difficult to research. What you see here is an example of such a business topic. If you need it, our writers can write it - even if its on the potato chip market in Canada!

Your assigned country is Canada and the product to be marketed is a chips. (any potato chip and or flavors)

As businesses opt to expand internationally, it is important to understand the marketing techniques used in different countries and cultures.

You are a member of the newly established international marketing team for AIU (American Interests United), based in Hoffman Estates, IL. AIU manufactures many types of packaged food products which are currently marketed only in the USA. The company has decided to expand internationally and will start by entering one foreign country with one product.

You have been assigned to research and investigate the possibilities of doing business. Your instructor will assign both the country and the product.

The Canada and Potato Chips Research Paper will consist of a written proposal including the following sections:

  • Discussion of the international marketing environment for the assigned country
  • Insights on cultural concerns that need to be considered when marketing your product
  • Identification of a target market and rationale for this choice
  • The product to be marketed in the target country and rationale for choice
  • Proposed plan for entering the new market (exporting, joint venture, or direct investment) and rationale for choice

Please add your file in a word document using APA format

Notes: A different country and product should be assigned to each person. Use the following lists of countries and products for those assignments.

COUNTRIES: Italy, Japan, Australia, Brazil, China, France, Poland, Mexico, New Zealand, Great Britain, Germany, Canada

PRODUCTS: Crisp Potato Chips; Popcorn Galore - caramel, cheese, butter flavors; Fresh Low Fat Soy Milk; Organic Wheat Crackers and Cheese; Pre-packaged low calorie cookie snack packs

When you use resources, remember to cite them in the body of the work using APA guidelines.

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