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Big Island Air Flight 558

Big Island Air Flight 558

Investigate and research a topic of interest derived from an actual NTSB accident report.
Complete a 5 to 6 page research paper on the NTSB accident listed below.

Your report will include the following:

  • An abstract, outlining your assertion about the safety topic and purpose of your paper.
  • Supporting assertions and paragraphs for the paper.
  • Research to support your claims. If you make a claim, you must back up the assertion with a source cite. You will use the APA documentation format.

A reference page.

An appendix of additional useful information. (optional)

Your paper should be created in Microsoft Word or Word Perfect format and emailed to the instructor as an attachment. Microsoft Works, WordPad, or any other formats are not acceptable.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is the agency tasked with preparing accident summaries and conclusions for aviation accidents. The NTSB has several hundred employees, many of whom are the best accident investigators in the world. These investigators can often uncover the reasons for accidents from thousands of pieces of scattered debris.

It is an important skill to learn how to browse, search, and read through accident summaries and reports. Learning why pilots or manufacturers may have made mistakes may prevent you from repeating the same mistake.

During this session, you are encouraged to visit WWW.NTSB.GOV and search for accidents in an area of aviation that interests you. You should search for:

Possible pilot mistakes which contributed to the accident.

How weather may have been a role in the accident and whether or not the pilot had access to current weather information which may have prevented the situation.

Whether or not the NTSB ruled the accident was pilot error.

How other pilots could learn from the mistake to prevent the accident from occurring again.

Any Advisory Circulars or references in the NTSB report.

Any other pertinent information

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Big Island Air Flight 558 Research Papers

Big Island Air Flight 558 research papers investigate a topic of interest derived from an actual NTSB accident report.

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