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Diversity and management

Diversity and Demographics

This is a topic suggestion for a business and mba research paper is on diversity and managerial characteristics in Business Management. It examines culturally diverse workforce in today's business environment.

The presence or lack of organizational diversity training programs is highly correlated to the number of minority individuals in the organization's management ranks. Organizations with diversity programs are more likely to have a higher number of non-whites in management positions. This is true even when the number of minority employees is approximately the same in companies with and without diversity programs. Companies that take proactive steps toward decreasing the negative affects of a culturally diverse workforce are more likely to have a more productive workforce, more creative teams, and a work environment conductive to growth.

Research papers on diversity and management can begin in which you select four types of diversity and demographic characteristics from the list below. Examine the impact of each type of diversity on individual behavior. Discuss the importance of a culturally diverse workforce in today's business environment. The research paper should include all of the following concepts:

Research on Workplace Diversity Issues for Managers

Diversity in the workplace has many benefits for the organization. A survey of individuals in the New York area found that a majority of individuals believe diversity in the workplace creates more opportunities for women and minorities and increases business performance for the organization. Cultural diversity generates creative and innovative ideas as employees with differing backgrounds and viewpoints present their ideas in the workplace. When these employees are encouraged to voice their opinions, a competitive advantage for the organization results.

The benefits provided by cultural diversity are impossible to achieve without proactive action on the part of senior management. The major obstacles to achieving workplace diversity revolve around stereotypes and other preconceived ideas based on an individual's race, gender, age, cultural origins or religious beliefs.

Differences in cultural backgrounds and experiences leads to conflict in the workplace in that these differences affect perception. For example, an individual from the United States may view competition and recognition as a normal part of business, while an employee from Asia may shy away from the spotlight. This is because while individuals in the U.S. are raised in an individualistic culture where the needs of "self" are put first, individuals in many other countries are taught that credit should be shared by the group as a whole. When groups are made up of individuals from both individualistic and collective cultures, beliefs on how best to achieve the goal will likely differ.

The senior management team in organizations can promote the benefits of cultural diversity and limit the drawbacks by making cultural diversity training a business norm. Having an accommodating attitude will not be enough to ensure that cultural diversity transcends the barrier from being a drawback to turning into a competitive advantage.

Within the organization, managers should be the first group to undergo diversity training. In order to fulfill their duty as role models, managers must learn how other cultures communicate, their value systems, what does and does not motivate them, and what verbal and nonverbal communication patterns may come across as insulting. Once these managers understand the various nuances of differing cultures, they can begin to break down the cultural barriers that impede successful communication. These managers can then pass on the needed knowledge to employees within their groups.

Managers who take part in diversity training are more likely to reward employees in ways they value. Employee motivation is particularly important in that differing cultures value different rewards. Understanding and teaching cultural differences will help managers avoid the conflicts that arise from differing perceptions. Moreover, managers who understand what motivates his or her employees will be more likely to have a highly productive workforce. A culturally diverse workplace is now the norm in the United States. How the company's leadership deals with cultural diversity will determine whether or not it is an advantage or a drawback for the organization. By instigating proactive methods based on training, interaction, and tolerance, the organization's leadership can greatly reduce instances of conflict as well as improve productivity levels within the organization. When senior management embraces workplace diversity, the other employees in the organization will be more likely to do the same.

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This is a topic on
Diversity and management Research Papers

Research paper on diveristiy and demographics in business mangagement for MBA students.

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