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Every year companies large and small are faced with the problem of workers not coming in to do their job. A business or MBA research paper on absenteeism of workers presents evidence that absenteeism has many negative effects on the companies themselves. Depending on the type of industry each company is in, the effects of an absent worker is more or less a problem. For instance, if a sales clerk at a department store calls in sick the store may or may not see an affect for that specific day. If it is a busy day at the store, then the store could be suffering from a loss of clientele due to lack of service on that particular day. On the other hand, if an assembly line worker is absent without a replacement, then productivity is lost. The loss in productivity then comes back to cost the company money. Another aspect of absenteeism to look at is the cost a company pays for a replacement. Not all businesses can afford to go without a worker, therefore the company could be found paying for the sick day of the absent employee on top of paying the wages for the replacement worker. With all the problems that absenteeism can cause a company or business, it is important to realize how it is affected by an employees motivation and satisfaction with their job.

Absent employees cost most organizations money with regard to taking paid sick days that they might normally not use. It is estimated that American businesses lose three billion dollars annually due to childcare related absences. Chase Manhattan Bank reports a savings of over eight hundred thousand dollars in missed workdays by providing assistance in childcare. One client of the Lipton Corporate ChildCare Centers, Inc., began a childcare program for employees on a budget of forty-five hundred dollars. Ultimately, this investment yielded savings of over one hundred thousand dollars.

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