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Ecommerce Standards

Electronic Commerce Standards

Electronic commerce standards are studied in e-commerce courses and for business and MBA credit. Paper Masters will custom write a research paper on electronic standards for any type of class you have. Some typical topics regarding e-commerce standards are:

  • Global e-commerce standards - Are they possible?
  • Electronic commerce standards since 1998.
  • The future of e-commerce standards.

Due to the global nature of internet business, electronic commerce (e-commerce) standards have become a priority on the national and international level. While most traditional businesses are subject to local, state, and national regulations, e-commerce is still in its infancy in developing standards of practice to protect both businesses and consumers. While some aspects of e-commerce are already standardized, for example the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) sets many internet protocol standards and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) manages various internet related standards, many aspects regarding e-commerce still have a distinct need for the implementation of standardization.

Dietz and Electronic commerce standards

Dietz (1997) cautioned executives that, even in the face of extreme pressure from competitors to establish and maintain as increasingly aggressive and assertive Internet presence, the pursuit of profit should be tempered with a realization and acknowledgment that the Internet functioned without any significant rule of law or centralized regulatory moderation, and that this relatively lawless environment could result in problems for many businesses. Dietz further marked the analogy that likens the Internet to the final frontier in commerce. Often, this analogy is made with specific reference to the freewheeling, ruthless profiteering that defined that lawless atmosphere of the Wild West.

Environment of the Internet Standards

Despite this sensationalism, the comparison is apt to some degree. The Internet, as it existed as late as 1997, was an area in which there was little or no meaningful regulation. The environment was often plagued with dangerous obstacles and characters who stymied the path of the honest, law-abiding citizen, whose analogue in the realm of the Internet is the conventional, aboveboard business attempting to earn money through traditional, scrupulous channels.

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