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Format for Pfizer Research Paper:

  1. This needs to be 15 pages in length
  2. separate the objectives and alternatives sections by titling each section above.
  3. Maximum 10 resources, min. of 5.
  4. Do not number the pages.
  5. The company that this paper and the questions answered below will be about is Pfizer (pharmaceutical company)

OBJECTIVES for Pfizer Research Paper:

  1. State the objectives of the company in a format which is unambiguous, time-based, and measurable.
  2. These objectives should be geared towards the future.
  3. Come up with at least three objectives (revenues, profits, and market share) that are quantifiable and time based (5 years from now) and provide a rationale for those objectives.
  4. Please avoid statements such as maximizing our sales and profits.
  5. Please examine Dell's objectives to get an idea of how you may want to go through this process.
  6. These objectives are a reflection of your understanding of your company's situation vis-à-vis your competitors.
  7. Please keep in mind the capabilities you will have to develop so that you can continue to maintain your competitive advantage.


You have your objectives and now you have to come up with a plan to achieve those objectives. Some of the things that you can do to come up with ATLEAST alternatives are mentioned below:
Use your imagination to come up with non linear ideas for an innovative business concept (core strategy, strategic resources, customer interface, value network). DREAM entirely new possibilities for differentiating from existing business models. State clearly how your strategies are going to be different from your major competitors. In other words, where is your "BLUE OCEAN?"
Use the six step scenario approach to drive your thinking process in Pfizer Research Paper:

  1. Define the target issue, time frame, and scope for scenarios.
  2. Brainstorm a set of key drivers, decision factors, and possible scenario departure or divergence points.
  3. Develop the framework by defining two specific axes.
  4. Flesh out the pictures.
  5. Specify indicators that can signal which scenario is unfolding.
  6. Assess the strategic implications of each scenario.

Generate at least three different scenarios. When you are in the process of generating these alternatives, please keep in mind at least three objectives:

  1. Sales
  2. Net income
  3. Market share (these three objectives have to be specific, time-bound, challenging but achievable). Ask yourselves, how are we going to achieve these three objectives?

Use the following concepts:

  1. Corporate Diversification
  2. Business strategy (low-cost vs diversification positioning, business strategy for dynamic contexts (positioning, first-mover, creating new markets)
  3. Corporate strategy (synergy, business diversification, revenue enhancement, economics of scope, dominant logic, related resources, and competitive advantage)
  4. International strategy (competitive advantage, economies of scale and scope, location, multi-point competition, learning, entry vehicles, and four different configurations including multinational, international, transnational, and global configurations.
  5. Examine ways by which you can diversify and position your company for growth.
  6. Examine options according to the 2×2 matrix which addresses the issue of how companies can be positioned for the future (existing needs with existing customers, new needs with existing customers, existing needs with new customers, and new needs with new customers).
  7. Use the company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to help come up with ideas for alternatives.

Use the following platform for growth to guide your thought process:

    • Innovation-new ideas and capabilities.
    • Great technology-best products, content, and services.
    • Commercial excellence-world class sales and marketing.
    • Growth leaders-inspire and develop.
    • Customers-process excellence to satisfy (Remember to state the pros and cons of each alternative).

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