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Imperial Tobacco Canada

Imperial Tobacco Canada

A common assignment on Imperial Tobacco Canada is as follows:

When writing a research paper, good form requires a brief introduction, a detailed description of the statistics and statistical principles you propose (and why you do so), and criteria from which to draw inferences (findings).

Think about a "burning question" in your organization, or perhaps identify an area in need of improvement. Focus on one specific element. Don't try for an overarching mega-study! Describe your proposed study as if you were proposing/recommending the study to your management.

  1. Form a research hypothesis and/or research question. Make it specific.
  2. Keep your description of the situation brief. Assume the reader is familiar with the organization and its operations.
  3. Describe what data you would collect and why. Note: Do not actually collect data and conduct the study; that is outside the scope and time limitations of the assignment.
  4. Describe what statistical measures and statistical tests you would use and why you would use them. Provide just enough theory to support your choices toward addressing your research question.
  5. Avoid using proprietary information. If you must, identify it as such. Be assured that your coach and the University are ethically (legally, too) bound to respect confidentially.

Imperial Tobacco Canada Research Paper should be organized to include the following elements:

  1. Introduction - A brief description of the research hypothesis or purpose of your proposed study. What are the benefits to the organization of such a study? Briefly summarize your overall methodology.
  2. Proposed Analysis - Identify your population. How will you sample it (sample selection, calculation of sample size, etc.)? What data (measurements/observations) will you collect? How? What problems in data collection do you anticipate and how might you deal with them? What statistics will you use to describe the data? What statistics will you use to make inferences and why did you select them? What decision criteria will you recommend? What are the limitations and potential sources or error, and how will you deal with them?
  3. Wrap-Up and Management Motivation-How will your proposed study help the organization make an informed business decision? What might be some of the consequences of addressing /not addressing your research question? Can you identify an anticipated monetary payoff associated with your proposed study?

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Imperial Tobacco Canada Research Papers

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