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Communication Skills

Communication Skills

Any time an individual attempts to convey their thoughts to another person, a communication process is taking place. The degree to which this message is successfully conveyed reflects the strength of the individual's communication skills. As miscommunications are typically the result of a message being improperly conveyed, strong communication skills are an absolute necessity. Within a social setting, strong communication skills help to build and develop social bonds, while strong communication skills within a work environment help to ensure that tasks are completed according to their necessary specifications. According to the National Communication Organization, most universities have added communication classes to their curriculums. As our culture changes, ourlanguage is constantly growing and developing, and, as a result, our communication skills must continue to evolve to reflect these changes. In recent years, researchers have attempted to develop a scientific method for quantifying the changes that take place in language development and communication. Even one's gender affects communication skills , as well as nonverbal communication.

A common assignment on Communication Skills is as follows:

First, create an assessment tool to critically analyze and interpret communication theory in the Communication Skills Research Paper.

  1. Based on a review of the literature, select at least four (4) points of communicationthat are relevant to the school leader.Maintain your sources because you will cite at least four (4) on your reference page. For example, Warren Blank describes "Work like Walton:

    Talk to Everyone" where Sam Walton scheduled time on his calendar to systematically talk to people that most leaders would typically leave out.

  2. For each of the 4 points of communication develop a question (s) that corresponds to the technique.


For example, in a Communication Skills Research Paper, using the Walton technique could lead to these questions on your assessment tool:
  1. Where do you get your information?
  2. Who is your source to discover what is happening?

Use your assessment instrument to evaluate the communication perspective and skills of five leaders in your school or in your district.

On the other end of the spectrum, give the instrument to five people that you think do not communicate well.

Analyzing Communication Skills

Analyze your results of the tool by charting the responses to each of the four points of communication:

  1. First, analyze the responses from your subjects.
  2. Then compare your findings to the referenced technique that you
    originally referenced. This evaluation leads to the next level of inquiry of providing staff training.

Based on your findings, identify the top two (2) points of communication that you consider significant, in need of training, and necessary for a school leader.

  1. Prepare a simple handout defining the two points. Following the
    definition, provide a rationale for learning and practicing the technique.
  2. Create an innovative way for staff to practice the technique.

Write a one page closure to this experience that considers the information you discovered in the literature, the actual application of the techniques by individuals you consider exceptional and poor communicators, and end by how you will use the information of this study in Communication Skills Research Paper.

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