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Bad News Letter

Bad News Letter

A religious organization has written to your firm requesting that your firm make a contribution to an educational fund being run by this organization. It is the policy of your firm not to make contributions to religious or political organizations in deference to the personal feelings of both your employees and your customers. In other words, stated very simply and briefly, your firm does not want to offend anyone by appearing to be aligned with any particular faith or political movement. You would be willing, however, to put the solicitation on the company notice board to allow any individuals on your staff to make contributions if they wish to do so. Your business manager could then forward any donations made in this fashion. It is your task to write a reply. In particular, you want to be certain that the writer remains a customer of your store as he has indicated that he has been a loyal customer for many years.

Suggestions for Bad News Letter

  1. Pay particular attention to the first paragraph. Be careful not to make your response sound like a 'yes'. Also, ensure that the opening you select does not make your later refusal to contribute sound arbitrary and illogical.
  2. Ensure that you give your reasons before you say no. You need to explain yourself clearly and completely. Part of the process of saying 'No' gracefully is helping your reader to understand the reasons you have reached the decision that you have. You can't simply invoke company policy here. You need to provide a clear explanation of the rationale that governs your decision not to make these type of donations.
  3. Think of the reader. If you have to say no, is there anything you can offer instead? Does your letter require a response from the reader?do not simply repeat the assignment. Do not copy words and phrases verbatim from the assignment. Make sure you carefully explain your reasons at sufficient length. Show the reader you have carefully considered the request and have a well considered reason for refusing.
Initial Components of a Letter:
  1. Letterhead (or heading)
  2. Date
  3. Inside address
  4. Subject line (optional)
  5. Salutation Body Complimentary close Signature block End notations

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Bad News Letter Research Papers

Bad News Letter Research Papers look at an example of an order placed for writing a letter to a religious organization in reguards to a contribution that they requested from a firm.

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