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Nordstrom Company Analysis

Nordstrom Company Analysis

Nordstrom Company Analysisresearch paper due and don't know how to start it? How about like this?

This is a business MBA research paper analysis on the Nordstrom company. One possible research paper topic on Nordstroms may examine whether Nordstrom would make a good investment in terms of stocks. The writers at Paper Masters can custom write a case study on the company or any type of business analysis you need on any company.

A research paper or company analysis on Nordstrom makes for an interesting case study on a brand that is waning in popularity.A thorough research paper that analyzes Nordstroms should include:

  • New developments for Nordstrom (future)?
  • Comment on the investing activities if it's worth the investment or is the money not well allocated.
  • Write about articles that have analyst recommendations (if any).
  • Analyze financing activities Compare the P/E ratio, beta, dividends to competitors w/in the industry.
  • Comment on Nordstrom's P/E ratio, beta, dividends.
  • Use the other financial ratios to analyze.
  • Include charts and tables in the research paper on Nordstroms.

Pricing of the Company

On the whole, Nordstrom's prices range from mid-level and up; it is not a store for the cost-conscious, by far. However, the store also prices merchandise competitively, in order to ensure that it competes effectively with other department and specialty stores in the center. The following table compares prices between Nordstrom and Macy's for a number of similar items. The prices in all three cases were identical.




Lauren by Ralph Lauren Blazer



Polo Ralph Lauren
Gingham Shirt



Kenneth Cole
Printed Shirt



To some extent, the store does use price lining, but the use of this pricing tactic is not uniform across all departments, and promotions will tend to undercut price lining occasionally. Further, its purpose is to establish prestige, or image pricing. While pricing is competitive in comparison to similar stores, it is not competitive on the whole - i.e., the store tries to attract consumers that are upper-middle class and up, and does not engage in competitive pricing in order to attract shoppers of a "lower" caliber.

Analyze Merchandising Strategy

Nordstrom may best be described as a specialty department store - a merger of the public's perception with the company's own. Nordstrom does not offer the wide range of merchandise that competitors such as Macy's and May's do, but instead focuses strictly on apparel, shoes, accessories and beauty items. The breadth of the selection is therefore not as wide as in other department stores, but the depth is far greater in those categories that Nordstrom does cater to. The product type is best defined as specialty.

Fashion and national brands are key at Nordstrom, which prides itself on merchandising quality product lines. While there is some private label merchandise, it is typically aimed at the more budget-conscious shopper, and does not command as much floor or attention as it does at, say, Macy's next door. As a whole, the merchandise is of high quality, the store carries the latest fashions, and price points tend to range from mid-level and up. Merchandise selection per se seems not to be as much of a factor as the selection of the designers represented is; once a designer is selected, a wide range of his or her merchandise is displayed.

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Nordstrom Company Analysis Research Papers

Nordstrom Case Study research papers delve into the history of the company and answer the question as to whether to purchase their stock or not. You can also get a company profile or a case study.

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