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Career Counseling Process

Career Counseling Process

Career counseling process research papers overview the process assisting clients in career selection through counseling. Paper Masters has writers that are experienced in career counseling and can produce for you a custom research paper.

A typical assignment on the process of career counseling looks very similar to what you see here.

Pretend you are a counselor, working with an individual (adult female) who has been forced into the work force due to a divorce.

A. Intake:

  1. Discuss the rationale for selecting this client
  2. Give complete intake information about the client:
    1. Age, gender, marital status, childhood impressions regarding work and childhood career fantasies.
    2. Educational background, previous educational history, courses liked/disliked, current educational status and future plans
    3. Achievements, talents, special skills and abilities
    4. Work history: no work history/ housewife, stay at home mom
    5. List the values and interest of client and how they may be expressed in the work force.
      current plans for finding employment

Career Counseling Goals

  1. Describe each meeting with client; include a brief discussion of any activities, resources or assessments utilized.
  2. Discuss clients reactions to counselors interventions/what she learned from the experiences.
  3. Discuss role of counselor, how counselor felt about self and counseling process.
  4. List assignments for the client/or self between sessions.
  5. Give counselors' plan for the next session.

Career Counseling Analysis

  1. Tell what theoretical model seems to parallel the client's development. Discuss how they correspond.
  2. Describe the outcomes of your counseling with the client: give assessment results, future plans, need for additional services. How did the client benefit from this experience?
  3. Discuss the tools and or /resources/ used. What were the advantages/disadvantages.
  4. Discuss your experience as the counselor. Describe your thoughts and feelings as the counselor. what was difficult, frustrating, satisfying and rewarding? What would you do thee or/different if you had to do it again? what did you learn about yourself from this project?

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Career Counseling Process Research Papers

Career Counseling Process Research Paper delves into an order placed on an analysis of an interview on a divorced woman who needs to go back to work.

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