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Three Stage Transition

Bridges' Three Stage Transition Process Model

Business and MBA students study William Bridges' Transition Process Model for International business courses. If you have a research paper due on Bridges' model or on the book "Transitions: Making sense of life's changes", Paper Masters will custom write you a research paper on any aspect of Bridges work.

Paper Masters suggests you begin your research paper on the Three Stage Transition Process Model as follows:

  1. Design and describe a major organizational change using William Bridges method of Three Stage Transition Process Model.
  2. Provide a complete description of the organization as well as issues, problems, environmental factors, etc. The Organization and the major change can be false.
  3. Use First person and reflect in great detail like the change has already taken place.
  4. Be sure to explain the Bridges model, as this change is being developed and implemented.

Background on Bridges Transition Process Model

Some background on Bridges' model is key to understanding the process implemented. It is important to recognize that change and transition are very different, but related, key terms. Change puts people into a state of transition. While change is external and reflects the outcomes desired of the organization, transition is internal and revolves around an individual's personal resolution of toward change. According to Bridges, transition is a three-tiered process that takes time and is inherently unsettling. As was essential to the effective adoption of my targeted change, it is advantageous for me to adopt a policy, which promoted healthy transition. Recognizing that transitions can not happen overnight, and that unrealistic expectations focusing on accomplishing change rather than transitioning people can be devastating, helped me to adopt the necessary mind-set to facilitate a positive transition.

Transition Process Model

Every transition necessarily begins with it a loss, an ending in which people are asked to give up a reality in which they were comfortable and familiar. No matter how desirable the change might be and how positive the outcomes it might generate in the futures, new circumstances necessitate a redefining both of one's surroundings and oneself. This means saying goodbye, leaving where one was before, abandoning personal preferences, ways of engaging in and accomplishing tasks, leaving behind successes, and one's established sense of identity and moving into the unknown where understanding priorities and interrelationships is not automatic. This is a difficult, fearsome prospect, but one must let go if he/she is to make a successful transition.

The middle, neutral zone, stage is characterized by confusion, where people are no longer who they were but are not yet developed into who they will be in the new situation, where individuals, although letting go, can find it difficult to establish new routines. Often, coping with uncertainty takes most of a staff's energy at this point as they attempt to understand the new rules and expectations and try to adapt to the absence of familiarity.

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