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Hygiene Theory

Hygiene Theory

Paper Masters believe in helping students be the best they can be. Our topic suggestions, like the one you see here on Hygiene Theory, help point you in the right direction with your research paper. We suggest starting out your paper discussing employee motivational theory. Hygiene theory is important to look at from the point of managers because it looks at not only what will bring the employee motivation, but also what will bring the employee dissatisfaction. First of all the theory touches on the motivator factors, which increase job satisfaction. The motivator factors include achievements, recognition, work itself, responsibility, advancement, and growth. The one thing that stands out after viewing the list of motivators is that the factors are mainly internal motivators, which are at times not given enough emphasis by managers. The next list of factors in the Hygiene Theory is the list of the Hygiene Factors. The hygiene factors are the things in the workplace that take away from job satisfaction and even cause job dissatisfaction. The list of hygiene factors includes:

  • Supervision
  • Company policy
  • Working conditions
  • Salary
  • Peer relationship
  • Security

The Hygiene Theory brings both positive and negative factors that a manager may be able to look at when considering the mindset of an employee.

Hygiene Theory and Herzberg

Hygiene Theory of Frederick Herzberg's reviews factors that may result in work dissatisfaction and factors that reduce motivation.

  1. Hygiene Factors - inadequate technology was apparent at Kanoo Travel. The lack of this technology resulted in poorer sales and a decline in the sense of achievement. Additionally, salaries for new employees were low.None of these factors had been addressed during the time that I was at Kanoo Travel.
  2. Motivational Factors - The experienced agents were highly motivated individuals.However, the new employees were not motivated to perform their tasks.Performance was not typically recognized by the managers. The managers also did appear to be motivated to perform their jobs so that the agency would make a profit.Some of the problems appeared to be the consequence of human resource issues.

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Hygiene Theory Research Papers

Hygiene Theory research papers from professional writers on employee motivation topics. A research paper on hygiene in the workplace often looks at motivational factors that encourage hygiene.

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