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Business Ethics and Scandal

Business Ethics and Scandal

Business ethics and scandal research papers look at companies such as AIG and Enron and why their top leaders were allowed to engage in unethical business practice. What is needed in any research on business ethics is a thoroughgoing re-examination of what motivates modern American business and the men and women who run it. Have Paper Masters help you formulate ideas on this in a custom research paper.

People in all lines of work - academia, the law, medicine, the trades - work to be paid, and generally need to be paid. However, people outside the business world work for something other than money - to teach, to create scholarship, to heal, to build. But American business today is about nothing other than the bottom line - it is about money. No one should be surprised that in an institution that exists solely to make money, the way its participants go about making that money sometimes becomes problematic. What can be done to change the tide? In your research paper on business ethics and scandal in corporate America, take a look at the following issues:

  • Why do we allow corporations to run unethically?
  • What corporate ethics scandals exist in other countries? Anything on the scale of AIG or Enron?
  • Who should be the gatekeeper for corporate ethics?
  • Does the stock market fail as a determinant of corporate value? Is it to blame for scandal?

Business Ethics - AIG and Enron Research

We have come to accept this as normal. What is shocking about the rest AIG fallout and the Enron case is that so much of what that company did was legal. There is no reason why society must continue to allow corporations to behave in such a manner. Corporations operate under charters that can be revoked if the corporation refuses to operate in the way the community finds beneficial - by making money for its stockholders, yes, but also by providing well-paid and secure employment, environmentally responsible behavior and financial and other community contributions.

Business Ethics and Roles of Companies

It is likely that the people who worked in such corporations would find themselves looking up from the bottom line to re-examine their role in their jobs and in their community, and be less interested in making a killing on their stock options and more interested in building a company that would benefit its shareholders, its employees, and the community in which it operated.

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Business Ethics and Scandal Research Papers

Business Ethics and Scandal research papers discuss scandals such as the AIG insurance company fallout and the Enron case. What is needed in any research on business ethics is a thoroughgoing re-examination of what motivates modern American business and the men and women who run it.

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