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Business Theory Research Papers

Business theory research papers examine the theory behind organizational aspects such as employee motivation, organizational structure, best practices for management and many other models of business effectiveness. Paper Masters can custom write business theory research papers on any aspect of organizational or management theory. Below are topic suggestions for research papers in business theory or tell us your own topic and have our writers custom write your MBA or business course project. Common business theory research paper topics are:

  • Business Ethics Post-Enron
  • Porter's Five Forces
  • Motivational Theory - Employee and Management
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Our writers approach topics in business theory from many angles. For example, when writing on why people work, or motivational theories, a research paper will point out that there are three main premises of work that motivate theorists in the economics of labor. First, as evidence by research papers on why work theory, work is essential to human activity and includes much more than paid labor. Work is also shaped by a person’s beliefs and societal affiliations far beyond employment and wages. And finally, outside forces such as political and technological changes influence the theories of economic labor. Likewise, Economic theory encompasses three main suppositions that are called neoclassical, Marxist, and institutionalist theories. Neoclassical theory is based on egalitarian notions of a distributive balance between the workers and capitalists. The history of neoclassical theory is rooted in the propulsion of technological change and population growth. It relies heavily on a rational, perfect model of a perfectly competitive market. So when writing your business theory research paper, note how the above takes many aspects in mind and correlates them; something every good research projects should do.

Business Theory Research Paper Topic Suggestions

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People research paper delves into Stephen R, Covey’s approaches to achieving personal change and applying these changes to life.

African American Men Business Wear - Discusses the target market of African American business men wear for men in-between the ages of 30 – 60.

Behavioral Management Theory - Behavioral Management Theory research papers examine the theory developed in order to meet the needs of motivation and providing job satisfaction for employees.

Bridges Three Stage Transition Model - Design and describe a major organizational change using William Bridges method of Three Stage Transition Process Model.

Characteristics of Supply Chains - A Characteristics of Supply Chains research paper looks at the three main characteristics of supply chains and the management of supply chains.

Characteristics of an Entrepreneur - Without individuals who possess entrepreneurial traits, few new businesses would be created.

Corporate Culture and Innovation - Corporate Culture and Innovation research papers look at an introduction and definition what corporate culture.

Creating a Healthy Corporate Culture - Creating a Healthy Corporate Culture research papers discuss business ethics in light of Enron, Xerox and other corporate giants.

Creating Effective Organizations - Creating effective organizations is written about in research papers as being done by proactive management teams that dedicate as much time and effort to internal conditions as external threats.

Critical Appraisal - Research papers on critical appraisal discuss the different types of critical appraisal processes that are designed to help the managers of a company to appraise the performances of the employees that work for them.

Deming - Deming research papers discuss W. Edwards Deming’s philosophy on Quality in business management research.

Entrepreneurship - Entrepreneurship research papers delve into a project requested for a business plan and power point presentation.

Ethical Companies - Ethical Companies research papers examine the effectiveness of ethical businesses, and it also delves into companies that have unethical practices.

Ethical Decision Making - research papers examine the choices that one makes when faced with standards of behavior that tell an individual how to act in a given situation.

Ethical Perspective - Describes ethical perspective and explains each of the four ethical perspectives.

Executive Summary - Executive Summary research papers discuss the short segment at the beginning of document, generally a business document, which summarizes the content.

Fundamentals of Corporate Finance - Research papers on fundamentals of corporate finance discuss the three primary principles of corporate finance.

The Glass Ceiling - The Glass Ceiling research papers look at a sample of an order placed on a business research paper that looks at what it means to women.

Herzberg Theory - Research papers on Herzberg Theory look into the business theory that argues that there are certain factors in one’s workplace that can cause job satisfaction, while a separate set of factors can lead to dissatisfaction.

Hygiene Theory - Hygiene Theory of Frederick Herzberg’s reviews factors that may result in work dissatisfaction and factors that reduce motivation.

Key Competitive Methods - Identifies the key competitive methods that your firm is currently employing in competing in its industry sector.

Knowledge Management - There are two problematic aspects of knowledge management that will be addressed in this research paper.

Knowledge Management in Business - Knowledge Management in Business research papers examine organizations and their ability to manage knowledge.

Life-cycle of a Business - The life cycle of a business consists of three stages: growth, maturation, and decline.

The Long Tail - The Long Tail research papers discuss the statistical concept in which some distributions of numbers have a significant number of occurrences far from the central part of the distribution.

Management Theory - Research papers on management theory discuss the identification of a company’s mission, objective, procedures, and the manipulation of human capital in order to promote success.

Motivations for Starting a Small Business - Provides different motivations for starting a small business.

Porter’s Five Forces Model - This is a research paper that examines Porter’s Five Forces Model in reference to the U.S. airline industry.  Porter’s model will also be used to examine competition within the airline industry.

Product Life Cycles - Product lifecycle there are 4 different stages involved: the introduction stage, the growth stage, the maturity stage, and the decline stage.

Psychodynamic Leadership Approach - Topic discussing the dynamics of psychodynamic leadership approach.

Riordan Benchmarking - Riordan Benchmarking research papers identify and research two companies that have been faced with issues that are connected to benchmarking.

Role of Research in Business - Learning the role research plays in the decision-making process benefits both the manager and the researcher.

Sampling Business - This topic research paper focuses on the nature of sampling by reviewing the rationale for sampling as well as its methodology.

Scientific Management Theory - Scientific Management Theory research papers explain how manufacturing companies in the 1800's developed scientific management theory to create more products with less labor.

Social Responsibility of Business - Social Responsibility of Business research papers discuss the ethical framework that states that an entity has some obligation to act towards the benefit of larger society.

Stages of Change Theory - Research papers on the Stages of Change Theory discuss the central part of Transtheoretical Model, a process used in counseling and behavior change.

Steven Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Successful People - Topic suggestion on the book by Steven Covey, the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

Steward Servant Dynamic Leadership - Steward Servant Dynamic in Leadership research papers examine leadership principles that have developed over the last three decades.

Teamwork - Teamwork was traditionally used only in the production industries; however, it is a practice that is rapidly expanding beyond manufacturing.

Union-Free Organizations - Union-Free Organizations research papers look at an example of a paper order placed on labor unions, and why some organizations prefer to be union-free.

Value Chain Analysis - Value Chain Analysis research papers delve into an analysis tool developed by Michael Porter, and discusses the functions of this tool.