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Writing a Business Plan for a Small Business

Writing a business plan for a small business is often complicated. You can get helping writing the business plan from the writers at Paper Masters. Whether it is a complete business plan or just an outline, Paper Masters have business and MBA writers to custom write your business plan today.

In an in-depth research paper on Writing a Business Plan for a Small Business begins by discussing ways to meet several of any business or MBA course objectives by actually getting out into a real business and apply what you learned. Therefore, the following is a typical assignment for a business or MBA program. Go to a business –a restaurant, a cleaners, a florist, whatever. Your task is to interview the owner and ask him or her these questions: What is your strategy, and how do you develop it? Then, compose your observations as well as your own concise strategic plan for this business.

After learning about the small business, identify a website that you feel can help a small business owner/manager understand the importance of the Strategic Planning Process. The website should also be integral in demonstrating the process of developing a simple, yet effective business plan.

Business Plan Outline

  1. Executive SummaryWriting a Business Plan for a Small Business
  2. Situational Analysis
    1. Market Summary
      1. Market Demographics
      2. Market Needs
      3. Market Growth
    2. SWOT Analysis
      1. Strengths
      2. Weaknesses
      3. Opportunities
      4. Threats
    3. Competition
    4. Services
    5. Keys to Success
    6. Critical Issues
  3. Marketing Strategy
    1. Mission Statement
    2. Marketing Objectives
    3. Financial Objectives
    4. Target Marketing
    5. Marketing Mix
    6. Marketing Research
  4. Financials, Budgets, and Forecasts
    1. Break-even Analysis
    2. Sales Forecast
    3. Expense Forecast

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