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Business Ethics and Reform Research Papers

Business ethics and reform research papers look at what has been done in the business world since recent ethical scandals. Paper Masters custom writes business ethics projects for MBA students. Topics we suggest on business reform to meet ethical standards include the following:

  • Choose an ethical scandal and research the reform that took place afterwards
  • Define business ethics and outline steps to reform
  • Trace where the responsibility of business ethics comes from in the corporate structure

The scandals rocking the business community – Enron, WorldCom, Arthur Andersen, AIG – have convinced many observers that reform is needed in order make sure such episodes are not repeated and to restore public confidence in American business. One reform that is been proposed would require any Chief Executive Officer (CEO) convicted of malfeasance or misfeasance in their conduct of corporate business during their term of office to repay to the shareholders all salary and benefits received. Another reform suggested would require all stock options be put into a trust fund under the supervision of the company's audit committee, those options to be disbursed only five years of their date of issue or five years after the corporate officer retires.

Change in Business

Business Ethics and Reform

The first option is completely impractical. The second offers some merit. This research paper will consider each proposal and the possible beneficial impacts each might have on business in America. This research paper then will consider the underlying problems that have lead to today's crisis and consider the type of reform that might bring about meaningful change in the way business is done in this country.

Ethics - Repayment of Salary

It has been suggested that corporate officers convicted of wrong doing be required to repay the salary and benefits they received while working for the company. The most glaring problem with this proposal is its impracticality. Most people, even wealthy corporate executives, spend a large portion of the money they earn. If an officer was found to have committed some sort of ethical violation over the course of his or her tenure, and was ordered to repay all salary, it is likely much of the money would have been spent and repayment would be impossible. The only way this proposal could work would be to hold all of a corporate officer's pay in escrow until after he or she retired, and it could be confirmed that there had been no wrong doing.

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