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We Write Business Ethics Cases

Paper Masters writes business ethics case studies for college students to use as a guide in their own coarse work. You can have our MBA and business writers construct an ethics case study on any company you need explored. We can also research a company you have been assigned to write on the ethics of that corporation or business. Since every project we write is custom written, you dictate exactly what type of business project you need and that is what we write.

Some topic suggestions on Business ethics case studies are as follows:

  1. Overview the Enron disaster and write a business ethics case on what went wrong.
  2. Create a fictional business and present an ethical issue for constructing a case study of it.
  3. Look up a business ethics case on the internet and use it to explore ethical issues.


Why study Cases Related to Business Ethics?

Business Ethics CasesThe subject of ethical business practices has captured the spotlight to such a degree that it now dominates television news casts, newspaper headlines, investigative television news shows, and the attention of both American and international investors. The issue of corporate fraud has destroyed investor confidence and done as much damage to the American economy, if not more so, than the September 11th terrorists attacks on New York. As a result, many Americans have not only seen their savings fade away almost overnight, but have lost their jobs as well. Fraudulent corporate business practices have not only stolen attention away from terrorists’ threats outside the nations borders, but also made Americans aware that destruction of the economy from the inside is not only possible but likely. What should have been apparent all along is now crystal clear; corporations cannot, should not, and must not ignore the importance of ethical practices in daily business operations. In light of recent events, corporate boards and managers must not only implement sound ethics programs within their organizations, but also shine as the proactive “leaders” for such campaigns.

The need for corporate leaders to take a proactive stance in company ethics is not a new issue. For over a decade now the issue has been debated in government, public, and organizational arenas. For instance, over ten years ago the U.S. Sentencing Commission outlined a seven-part model for ethics and compliance programs which many government bodies adopted. The Supreme Court has sent a clear message that organizations that have ethics and compliance programs in place may qualify for limited liability. In addition, the Delaware Chancery Court set the precedent for directors of organizations without such programs to be subject to personal civil liability in the 1996 Caremark case. In June 2002, the New York Stock Exchange publicized new listing recommendations that highlighted the importance of business ethics.

Many companies have implemented in-house business ethics programs, and these programs have benefited them in several ways. First, organizations that have active business ethics committees in place, with ethics officers in daily contact with managers in finance, compliance, legal, human resources, and security, are less likely to commit violations. Second, business ethics committees are more apt to seek training and stay updated on changes in ethics regulations, promote training within their organizations, and investigate reports of company wrongdoing. Third, organizations that have clearly established ethics programs may face reduced charges or no charges at all under the 1999 guidelines for the Federal Prosecution of Corporations.

Within the last two decades, international trade, globalization, and advances in technology have led to an increased need for standards in the practice of international business. The global business environment promotes the interaction of people with different cultural and ethical norms. As the globe continues to get smaller in terms of speed and ease of communications, travel, and contact, adapting American ethics within a global framework will emerge as America’s next great business challenge.

Every day approximately one and a half trillion dollars changes hands around the globe. In 1999, there were 44,000 global companies compared to 3,500 in the 1960s. The increased number of companies entering the global marketplace makes ethical considerations a primary concern. Today, organizations must consider the ethics of their own business practices abroad as well as the foreign suppliers they do business with.

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