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Business and Government Research Papers

Business students often need to understand the relationship between business and government. Paper Masters custom writes research papers on business and government relationships.

Format for Business and Government Research Paper:

  1. Write a research paper on some aspect of how the internet is being used by businesses and government organizations to save money and advance their objectives.
  2. The subject must be carefully selected and bounded and the paper must be clear, concise and comprehensive.
  3. It must be well-written and well-referenced with no spelling or grammatical errors.
  4. The business and government research paper will be judged on the basis of its significance, originality and its use of a variety of original sources.
  5. The use of extensive quotes from other works, even if referenced, is not acceptable.
  6. You must use books and journal articles in the preparation of your paper—avoid extensive use of the internet as a source for your paper.
  7. It is not necessary to obtain approval of a Business and Government before beginning your paper, but you may speak with me about it if you wish.

Government Organizations

Business and Government

The Business and Government for the research paper will be "how the internet is being used by businesses and government organizations to save money and advance their objectives". There are many different types of business and government organizations and there are equally many different ways they are using the internet. You will need to focus on one (type of ) organization and one specific use. Following are eight different general topics that would be suitable, if properly narrowed in scope:

  1. How government organizations (local, state OR federal government) are using the internet to communicate with the public and process routine transactions.
  2. How companies are making their products or services available directly to consumers without involving distributors and retailers.
  3. How churches and other religious organizations are providing current information and teaching to their adherents as well as raising funds from them.
  4. How U. S. gambling companies are using the internet to broaden their access to customers while placing their staff and servers off-shore to avoid breaking federal and state laws against gambling.
  5. How colleges and universities are using the internet to deliver courses via distance learning.
  6. How the internet is being used by brokerage firms to permit their customers to do online trading of stocks, bonds and other securities.
  7. How the internet is being used by the music industry to promote their offerings and allow their customers to download their purchases instantaneously.
  8. How colleges and university libraries are using the internet to make journal articles available to their students electronically.

Extra Business and Government Research Paper Guidelines

  1. The paper should be written in a concise, clear, and comprehensive manner.
  2. A research paper should clearly express the theme of the paper and have specific examples to support your conclusions. For example, if you are trying to get across the fact that large numbers of companies within a certain industry are beginning to use the internet for supply chain management.
  3. It should be specific about how many firms in that industry have begun using the internet for these purposes in the last ten years (perhaps even illustrating with a graph) and reference where you got the information.

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