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Bullying in Schools

Topic needed: Bullying in Schools Research Paper

Individual Paper (Directions for writing the paper):

  1. Each student will be expected to select a topic of personal interest that is related to a current issue in his/her profession (teaching). Bullying in Schools
  2. The topic should be one that can be discussed in light of current research as presented in journal articles, books, or other appropriate scholarly sources.
  3. Each student will complete a minimum 1800 word paper on his/her topic. The paper should include a minimum of three references using American Psychological Association (APA) style. This paper is intended to provide a scholarly writing experience using research-based development and supporting details.
  4. It should include an introduction, thesis, and conclusion, as well as the use of transitions. It should not use subtopic headings.
  5. The essay format is the one most often used in graduate-level writing and is most successful when the following simple formatting guidelines are followed:
    a. Double space the document.
    b. Indent paragraph beginnings. DO NOT use block format and DO NOT skip lines between paragraphs; this leads the reader to a “chopped up” reading experience rather than a flow from idea to idea.
    c. State the focus of the paper in a short thesis paragraph that presents the major topic plus the primary supporting topics. This paragraph should signal the end of the introduction and the beginning of the thesis development section.
    d. Use third person, objective voice unless the faculty member requests use of the first person.
    e. Use APA style for citations and references.

Bullying Research Paper

The bullying paper is expected to be in an essay format. This means no headings or subheadings will be included. It will be written in third person. There will be no names included, this means not your name, not your principal's name, not your fellow teachers' names, etc...

The page setup for Bullying in Schools Research Paper will follow:

  1. APA style, 5th edition. This includes the margins, font, font size, and that everything is double-spaced. (Even long quotes are double-spaced.)
  2. Your references will be written in APA, 5th edition also. This means that when you write the title of the article, only the first letter is capitalized, nothing else. The citation ALWAYS includes the author, year, and page or paragraph location.
  3. Appendixes ALWAYS come after the references.

The following items listed are necessary for the Bullying in Schools Research Paper:

  1. Problem Statement & Purpose (1 paragraph)
  2. Description of the Community & Work Setting (1-2 paragraphs) Writer's Role (1 paragraph)
  3. Problem Description (1-2 paragraphs)
  4. Problem Documentation (1-2 paragraphs)
  5. Literature Review (2 pages)
  6. Causative Analysis (2-4 paragraphs)
  7. Goals, Expectations, & Expected Outcomes (1-2 paragraphs) Measurement of Outcomes (1-3 paragraphs)
  8. Analysis of Results (1-2 paragraphs)
  9. Statement of Problem & Discussion (1-2 pages)
  10. Selected Solutions / Calendar Plan (2-4 pages)
  11. Written in 3rd Person Essay Format (NO subheadings!)

Minimum of 3 references Minimum 7 pages Maximum of 9 pages, Readability & Style

Paragraph transitions are present and logical and maintain the flow throughout the paper. The tone is appropriate to the content and the assignment. Sentences are complete, clear, and concise. Sentences are well-constructed, with consistently strong, varied sentences. Sentence transitions are present and maintain the flow of thought.

Mechanics (Directions)
The paper, including the title page, reference page, tables, and appendices follow APA guidelines for format. Citations of original works within the body of the paper follow APA guidelines. The paper is laid out with effective use of font styles and white space. Rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation are followed. Spelling is correct.

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