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When Buddhism began, India had already passed through a long religious evolution and “had reached a certain maturity of though about the nature of human life and its meaning. Many of the Aryan invaders who had overrun India were beginning to change their beliefs from the “here and now” to a more meditative life; they began to search for the meaning of life through meditation.


Buddhism and Meditation

As they began to meditate, the Indians began to realize how fragile life was; how quickly youth ebbed away and gave way to old age; and how much of life is but sorrow and suffering. Buddha began his quest for salvations and spent six years in self-denial.  After his long journey, he was no closer to happiness or peace and was beset with physical illness, depression and temptation.  He sat beneath a tree and began to meditate.  As he meditated, something miraculous happened, and the light of wisdom shone within him.

Buddha's Wisdom

This wisdom showed Buddha how to overcome the twin forces of karma and samsara.  He turned this wisdom into his doctrine of dharma, which he based on Four Noble Truths:

      1. Life is suffering.
      2. The suffering of life is due to craving, desire or thirst.
      3. The craving must be extinguished.
      4. The seeker of salvation must walk the Noble Eightfold Path

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