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Research Papers on the Buddha

Major religious figures are often the subject of research papers in college religion courses. Research papers on the Buddha are one of Paper Masters' specialties. Have our writers custom write your project on Buddha, Buddhism or any aspect of Buddhist teachings.

Buddhism is one of the major religious philosophies of the world and is based on the teachings of the Buddha, or “enlightened one”. One of the most important aspect’s of Buddha’s teaching’s is the emphasis on compassion, one of the qualities that the Buddha shared and exemplified throughout his life.


The Early Life of Buddha

It was early in his life that the Buddha became aware of the suffering around him and he chose give up his worldly lifestyle in order to seek an end to such suffering. He spent six years with a shaven head, wearing ragged clothes and barely surviving on roots and fruit. It wasn’t until his enlightenment, facing and denying the temptations presented to him by Mara, that he realized the cause of human suffering and how to end it. He had gained supreme wisdom and at that time became the Buddha, or “the awakened one”.

After his enlightenment, he shared his new wisdom with five men who became his disciples, thus beginning the first Buddhist community. Over the next forty years, Buddha and his followers traveled throughout India, sharing his teachings, collectively called the Dharma. It was during these travels that the examples of his compassion were revealed.  Showing no concern for their own needs, they helped and served those people that they met whether slaves, beggars or royalty. Buddha shared the need for and the importance of compassion as he traveled and his actions proved him to be a living example of the wisdom he taught.

It is important to note that in the Buddha’s teaching, compassion is not the same as what we would consider a love attachment, as in the affection of the mind or body.  It is, instead, having the mind of benevolence without an attachment to anyone. It is this same compassion for all living things that affects the Buddhist belief in reincarnation, showing compassion for all things, as they may have a kinship to you.

Teachings to Include in Your Research Paper on the Buddha

Each individual must persist on his or her own internal quest of one’s own understanding of the world and awareness of self. This personal realization can occur only through an active involvement and participation of the individual. In Buddhist thought, our own short lives are likened to the transitory experience of all other life forms. The individual believer must find their own rate to discover the principals of Buddhism.

The broad nature of the four noble truths and the Eightfold Path convey a sense of universal applicability in the theory. The eightfold path consists of guidelines in becoming self-aware of one’s actions and behavior. Each part of the Eightfold Path pose methods of proper living by:

  1. Right views
  2. Right aspirations
  3. Right speech
  4. Right conduct
  5. Right livelihood
  6. Right effort
  7. Right mind control
  8. Right mindfulness

This approach to living is accomplished by an awareness of behavior and consideration of self to world. These ideas are not intended to be a singular accomplishment, but as a total way of life.

The final realization of an individual of the path of Buddhism is nirvana, or a complete extinction of suffering and rebirth. In attaining nirvana, no further solutions of life or afterlife are discussed or offered. In a nihilistic fashion, no finite answers to afterlife are provided in Buddhism. Eternal existence is denied, along with the worship of a singular, supreme god.


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