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Since its recognition as a clinical entity in the 1940s, our knowledge of bronchiolitis has grown with respect to the breadth of disease, epidemiology, treatment, and long-term effects.  Most parents are aware of or at least heard of bronchitis.  However, most parents have never heard of bronchiolitis that can be very serious leading to a visit to the emergency room hospitalization and even long-term health problems. 

Bronchiolitis is an inflammation of the bronchioles (smaller airways that branch off the main airway) usually caused by a viral infection.  The bronchioles carry air from the large bronchial tubes to microscopic air sacs in the lungs.  The air sacs transfer oxygen to the bloodstream.  Bronchiolitis may be confused with inhaled objects lodged in the child's lung consequently in any case it can lead to great distress on the part of the parent. BronchiolitisPaper Masters can help you compose a custom written project on Bronchiolitis that follows your guidelines.

Bronchiolitis and Children

According to Kids Health Organization, children under the age of 6 seem to be most readily susceptible to bronchiolitis.  It is characterized by sudden breathing difficulty, usually preceded by a mild common cold and cough, and characterized by the following symptoms:

  • Coughing
  • Fever (occasionally)
  • Dehydration

Wheezing which is that familiar high-pitched whistling sound produced by air flowing through narrowed breathing tubes.

Rapid, shallow breathing (60 to 80 times a minute). Excessive, rapid, and deep breathing resulting in the decrease of carbon dioxide in the blood.

Retractions (see-saw movements) of the chest and abdomen. The inward movement of the muscles between the ribs as a result of reduced pressure in the chest cavity usually being a sign that the affected person is needing to work harder to breathe.

Bronchiolitis is Contagious

Blue skin or nails (severe cases). Bluish discoloration of the skin or mucous membranes caused by lack of oxygen in the blood.

Bronchiolitis is a contagious viral or bacterial infection, or a combination of the two.  Some young children develop this disorder after every cold.  As noted earlier, the disease primarily effects children under the age of 6 but seems particularly severe in children under the age of 2.  In fact, the younger the child is the more severe the symptoms appear. 


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