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British Mercantilism Research Papers

British Mercantilism research papers discuss the policies that the British government enlisted in order to monopolize foreign entities. Paper Masters has writers that have a strong background in history and world politics. Our writer can custom write a British Mercantilism research paper to help you understand the politics behind this political maneuvering.

In the 1600’s and 1700’s, mercantilism was a very strong economic belief held by the British government.  A huge power for centuries, the British government enacted numerous different policies to attempt and make mercantilism successful.  They included:

  • High Tariffs
  • Building overseas colonies
  • Monopolizing markets
  • Limiting wages
  • Insisting on the use of domestic resources (British Resources)

The idea, or theory, behind mercantilism was that all trade with colonies, such as America and India, must go through the central government that was, in this case, EnglandBritish Mercentilism British mercantilism proved to be very ineffective, and eventually contributed to the British Empire’s downfall. 

Mercantilism and Control

Mercantilism is a terrible way in which to try and control other nations or groups of people.  Although the Colonists worked hard in this situation, they were not allowed to reap the benefits of their work because of the British government’s Mercantilism.  In fact, the British government subjected the Colonists to terrible acts, taxes, laws and regulations in order to further the success of Mercantilism, society and have more control.  Essentially, the British government wanted to have a hand in everything that took place.  Their desires to control were wrong and unfair.

Mercantilism and Europe

In fact, during the years between 1600 and 1800, most of Western Europe was very heavily influenced by the policies of mercantilism. In addition to involving themselves with all trade, mercantilism was, for the British government, essentially an effort to achieve economic unity and political control. It is difficult to fully define what mercantilism was, but it is clear that its purpose was to combine policies in order to keep England prosperous primarily through economic regulation.

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