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Breast Cancer Vaccine

How do you start a Breast Cancer Vaccine research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

Research papers on the breast cancer vaccine would begin with a look at the statistical data showing the frequency of breast cancer among women. Research papers on the breast cancer vaccine would also investigate the number of women who die each year from the disease and would examine the research on the efficacy of current medical interventions designed to reduce breast cancer.

Research papers on the breast cancer vaccine would then look at what the research says about the efficacy of this new intervention and would conclude with recommendations on its implementation or the need for further research.

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer VaccineThe second most prevalent cancer among women around the world, breast cancer strikes as many as half a million women each year. The growing demand for a cure for breast cancer has led to the development of a vaccine that shows promise for reducing and eventually eliminating the disease. In the absence of a cure, attempts at reducing the incidence of breast cancer have become increasingly radical such as preemptive mastectomies aimed at removing healthy breast tissue before cancer can develop. Broader interventions have included:

  1. Public health policies designed to increase awareness of the disease
  2. Promote education on ways to prevent breast cancer
  3. Identify the disease
  4. Increase access to diagnostic tools in the clinical setting.

The breast cancer vaccine is still in an experimental stage however, scientist suggest that it will work in much the same way as polio and measles vaccines, which are used prophylactically to protect against diseases before they are contracted.

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