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Breast Cancer in the United States

This is a topic suggestion on Breast Cancer in the United States from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

Breast Cancer in the United States research papers discuss a state by state approach to the risk factors related with breast cancer.  One easy way to do a broad look at regional studies of breast cancer is to look at the states that are considered high, medium and low risk according to the vital statistics of the United States. 

High risk states:

  • California
  • New York

The medium risk states include:

  • Iowa
  • South Carolina

The low risk states include:

  • Wyoming
  • Alaska

Now when looking at these states one large factor comes into play, the risk factor seems greatly attributed to population.  Of course the highest populated cities are going to have the highest risk for breast cancer, they have more people.  Breast Cancer in the United StatesIn fact New York City had more incidents of breast cancer fatalities than all of Wyoming put together.  This only makes sense because of the population distribution of the two states.  Overall, after looking at the information provided by the states one thing stands out, women of low economic status are at greater risk from dying from the disease because it becomes detected later in life.  This is a consequence of the ladies not being able to have the same type of health care as that of women of higher economic status.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a very non-discriminating disease.  It does not pick on a certain class of people.  It does not attack a certain state or geographical region within a country.  If anything what each individual does to her body has a greater effect on the risk factor than anything else does. As demonstrated in the Japanese example if a person goes from one culture to another, then it may have an affect on the risk factor. The differences between states, though apparent in some cases are not drastic enough to have a large effect on risk factors for breast cancer. There are many factors that both increase and decrease the risk factors for breast cancer, however geographical and economic factors do not seem to be on that list at this time.

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