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Brave New World Research Papers

Paper Masters gives college students research paper topic ideas and suggestions on how to write a research paper free of charge. What you see here is a suggestion on how to write a book report or research paper on Aldous Huxley's Brave New World.

Aldous Huxley’s novel, Brave New World, is a deceptively depressing novel in which, in the year 632—the years are numbered “after Ford,” the father of mass-production, so “this year of stability” would be in the 25th century - a manufactured humanity has achieved happiness in the form of plenty of leisure time, hyper-consumption of goods and services, and the ability to retreat at will into a lovely, soma-induced world of interior bliss. The anti-utopian element of the novel lies in the fact that every thing that makes life more than just physical gratification has disappeared; the society depicted has little in the way of pain, but it allows for almost nothing in the way of human dignity.

Futuristic Society - Brave New World

Brave New World is the recipe for a utopian world state.  A book report on Brave New World by Huxley illustrates:

  • How controlling reproduction, genetics, and using a drug called ‘soma’, universal happiness is achieved in this future world. 
  • The story evolves around the character Bernard who feels his programming and production failed in making him completely happy. 
  • The book report points out that this is not the norm in the social structure of the Brave New World where everyone is conditioned upon birth to love his or her place in society.  

Bernard takes Lenina (an important character in the story) to visit the Savages in New Mexico at the reservation for those who do not meet the standards of the Brave New World.  At the reservation Lenina meets John, who is a savage and they fall in love. Unfortunately, the two come from different societies and views on love and marriage. John returns to the Brave New World with Lenina only finding it too difficult to adapt.  He eventually commits suicide, which poses the question found throughout the book report as to which society is actually more civilized, the Savages or the Brave New World?

Why a Research Paper on Brave New World

Paper Masters would strongly recommend this book to one and all. This is so for three reasons.

  1. It is extremely readable; it makes its points in forceful terms and it is easy to digest; it is an “enjoyable read and theme.”
  2. Brave New World is a fascinating commentary on the state of our contemporary society; much of what Huxley reacts against is to be seen in many aspects of our civilization as it exists today.
  3. Huxley’s values are this student’s values and, like Huxley, this student sees the current direction that society seems to be taking as worrisome. Brave New World may be an accurate prophesy of things to come.

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