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The Boston Massacre

Need a paper on the Boston Massacre? Here is an introduction idea. The Boston Massacre is one of the seminal events in Colonial history presaging the American Revolution. A street fight between Boston townspeople and a squad of British redcoat soldiers led to the deaths of five Americans and a celebrated trial. Some facts about the Boston Massacre that you may want to incorporate into your research paper are as follows:

  • Occurred March 5, 1770
  • 5 civilians died
  • Citizens started the riot
  • John Adams defended the British at the Trial
  • A signal event that led to the Revolutionary War


The British and The Boston Massacre

On March 5, 1770 a crowd of Boston residents began throwing snowballs and stones at a squadron of British soldiers following an incident. Tensions mounted on the streets as the crowd began to grow larger and press in on the soldiers. The Boston MassacreAt some point, the soldiers opened fire on the crowd, instantly killing three and wounding eight others, two of who later died. Among the dead was Crispus Attucks, an African-American sailor.

British soldiers had become a focal point of tension in Massachusetts, as their presence was extremely unpopular with the Colonists. Boston had become a leading center of resistance to the various attempts by the British government to impose new taxes. In 1768, the British anchored the HMS Romney in Boston Harbor, and British troops soon appeared on the streets.

The Boston Massacre as a Propaganda Event

The “Boston Massacre” as it quickly became known, became a propaganda event for disenchanted Americans, celebrated in a famous engraving by Paul Revere. The soldiers were put on trial. Their lawyer was John Adams, who later became the Second President. Although the soldiers were acquitted, popular sentiment in the Colonies had decidedly turned against Parliament and King George III.

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