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Research Papers on Books by Charles Dickens

British writer Charles Dickens (1812-1870) was the most popular writer of his day. His many novels were deep character studies that interwove many of the social concerns of his day. Many of them were serialized, published in monthly installments by the leading magazines of the time, and were frequently written with cliffhanger endings.

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Books by Charles DickensDickens’ first novel was The Pickwick Papers. The 1836 novel is a loose collection of adventures of the Pickwick Club, and was written for serial publication. With the presentation of Chapter 10, the story became increasingly popular and the final installment sold over 40,000 copies. While Pickwick was still in print, Dickens began writing Oliver Twist, which appeared in a similar fashion. It has been said that Queen Victoria herself stayed up late into the night reading Oliver Twist.

More Books by Dickens

Following through the next couple of years, Dickens produced Nicholas Nickelby, The Old Curiosity Shop, and Barnaby Rudge. All of these novels first appeared in the weekly periodical Master Humphrey’s Clock, which was edited by Dickens himself.

In 1842, Dickens traveled to the United States. Upon his return to England, he wrote A Christmas Carol, one of the most popular books ever. David Copperfield (1850) marks the beginning of a more serious tone in Dickens’ writing. His later novels include Bleak House, A Tale of Two Cities, and Great Expectations. He was at work on The Mystery of Edwin Drood when he died.

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