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Research Papers on the
Books of the Bible: Judges

Paper Masters writes custom research papers on the books of the Bible. When writing on Judges, the specifics of the book is focused on and our writers explicate Judges through the eyes of a Biblical theologian.

In the Christian Bible, the Book of Judges provides insight into exactly what the title states: individuals who served as judges during Biblical times. Some of these judges provide insight into true Christian behavior, while others provide Biblical stories that contain themes to be carried throughout history, even to today. This book can be divided into three sections, each of which contains a unique set of messages and stories. Books of the Bible: Judges

  1. The prologue consists of the first three chapters of this book, and provides the historical context for the book.
  2. The main text is approximately 13 chapters in length and discusses twelve judges, something many say is representative of the Twelve Tribes of Israel.
  3. The final section of the book is the epilogue, and spans approximately eight. This contains stories of minor characters, and does not chronicle any specific judges.

Judges: Samson

Of all the stories in this book, one of the most memorable is that of Samson versus the Philistines. Being favored by God, Samson was given the gift of great strength. He displayed this strength many times during various feats, all of which caused many of the Philistines to resent him. Samson falls in love with a woman named Delilah, and she is bribed by the Philistines to learn the secret of his strength. After much teasing and cajoling, Samson finally acquiesces and tells Delilah his secret: if his hair is cut, he will lose his strength. While he sleeps, Delilah does just that, and Samson awakes, powerless, for God has left him. After being captured by the Philistines and forced to work as a laborer for many months, he is taken to a religious ceremony to witness a sacrifice. There, he leans on pillars of the temple, and looks heavenward. Having since re-grown his hair, he pleaded before God to allow him to avenge his captors, and God renews his strength. Samson pulls down the pillars of the temple, causing it to collapse, killing himself and countless Philistines in the process. This story reaffirms the notion that one is never without God, for one can always seek and receive His forgiveness. Ironically, the fate of Delilah is never discussed in this book.

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