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Research Papers on the Books of the Bible:

The book of Job can be explicated in many ways in a custom research paper from the theology writers at Paper Masters. Any book of the Bible can be covered, such as Job.

The book of Job in the Bible does not have a specific author named, however it is believed that either Job himself, Elihu, Moses or Solomon wrote it. The writings of Job indicate that the true power of the Devil is not what it appears to be and God is in control always. Books of the Bible: JobIt communicates that there is nothing that happens without God having a part in it including what the Devil is given permission to do. Further, it is impossible for God’s people to ever really understand why there inherently seems to be a constant struggle in the world which causes suffering.

In the book of Job, the description begins with the Devil chastising Job while he is at the gates of heaven. The devil criticizes Job indicating that he only serves God because he is being protected by God. Further, the devil taunts Job and goes on to say that although God is protecting Job, he (the devil) is seeking God’s permission to test Job’s faith and loyalty. Upon doing this, it is described that God does indeed grant the Devil permission to test Job, however within certain limitations. Job ends up losing his family, his wealth, and his health and is told that these sacrifices must be endured in order for him to be purified by God. The lesson shown in Job is as follows:

  1. As a child of God, one must trust and believe everything is happening for a reason, no matter the circumstances.
  2. If one should lose anything or suffer through any trial, he or she must still trust in God’s mercy and have faith that it will all be restored in divine timing.

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