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Research Papers on the Books of the Bible:

This is a topic suggestion on Books of the Bible: Isaiah from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

The Book of Isaiah is probably one of the most cyclical books in the Bible, as it describes the consequences for a society that does not respect the power and authority of God as well as the prosperity and success that will come to a kingdom that does.

  1. Books of the Bible: IsaiahRoughly half the book is dedicated to telling the reader about the fate of Judah and countless other nations throughout the world that oppose God while the other half is dedicate to telling the story of how Israel came to find itself in God’s favor.
  2. The second half of the book tells the story of a nation rescued, that of Israel.

The kingdom of Judah believed that it had a positive relationship with God, one in which He provided them with protection from invading forces. God, through the words of Isaiah, tells the kingdom that their worship of false deities and their practices of injustice and cruelty toward others have gone against all of His teachings, removing them from His favor and protection. Unwilling to repent, the kingdom soon finds itself under attack from other nations.

This book reaffirms the belief that the Jews are God’s favored people, and that He will continue to protect them from all harm if they continue to be worshipful of Him. There is some conflict, however, over some characterization in the book. In Chapter 53 of the book, a “suffering servant” is described, something many scholars cannot come to agree on. Some Jewish theologians take this to be a symbol for Israel itself, as it has suffered generations of hardships for their unending devotion to God. Christian theologians, however, believe this to be one of the first mentions of Jesus Christ in the Old Testament, as he would come to Earth to physically suffer in order to redeem the sins of mankind. Whatever the debate, however, the theme remains the same: God will send someone or something to save His people, providing they believe in Him and follow His teachings in the correct manner.

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