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Biotechnology Research Papers

Biotechnology research papers at Paper Masters are custom written to focus on any aspect of the biotechnology field or industry that you need focused on. You tell our science writers what you need written about and they write your technology project according to your specifications. Any biotechnology field you need. Common areas of study in biotechnology include (but are not limited to) the following:Biotech fields

  • Animal Agriculture
  • Bioinformatics
  • Genomics/Proteomics
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Plant Agriculture/Crop Improvement
  • Energy and Environmental Engineering


Though biotechnology is a broad field, perhaps the most notable aspect with regards to its impact on the future of the human race is genetic engineering.  “Genetic Engineering, alteration of an organism’s genetic, or hereditary, material to eliminate undesirable characteristics or to produce desirable new ones”. Genetic engineering has proven to have some very honorable goals, such as improving food, curing illness, and helping the environment; but great prudence will be required to keep this technology on the path to improve human life and not hurt it.

Genetic engineering has actually been around for a long time. It is believed that corn is a product of genetic engineering. It appears that the early American Indians experimented with cross breeding different types of plants until they finally stumbled across corn.

BiotechnologyCattle, pigs, dogs and horses have been cross bred for thousands of years. Genetic engineering made these animals suitable for human use or consumption. The bulldog and the pit-bull are examples of genetic engineering. Both the bulldog and the pit-bull were breed to have strong, bone crushing jaws. The unique characteristic of the bulldog is the thick neck which is difficult to bite.

Hybridization is another form of genetic engineering. Two different, but similar, animals are bred to form the hybrid. One example is the mule – the cross between the donkey and the horse. The mule is thus strong like a donkey and tame like a horse – not stubborn like a “jackass”. The wolf and the dog can also form a hybrid. The result is a creature more dangerous than the wolf itself. He is unafraid of humans like a dog but just as vicious as a wolf. Thus he is more likely to attack humans due to his lack of fear. So, as one can see, genetic engineering is nothing new. In the past, it was done with selective breeding. Today it is done in a laboratory.  But the goal is still the same. “Good” genes are carefully selected to produce the desired physical characteristics.

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