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Biography Essays

Think of a biography as an exercise in creative writing, while holding true the parameters of one's life experience. Make it interesting - it should have both fun and solemn aspects but do not provide anything too extraordinary or outlandish. Hold true to the facts provided, make it interesting, and keep it realistic.


Biography Essays Research Paper Topic Suggestions

Luis Rodriguez- Always Running Research Paper is an autobiography on the life of Luis Rodriguez.

Anne Dillard- An American Childhood Research Paper discusses a book by Anne Dillard that describes her growing up, and her increasing awareness of the world around her.

John Nash – Aside from the factual matter of recounting John Nash’s life, Sylvia Nasar’s biography A Beautiful Mind deals with the philosophical question of what determines a person’s moral value.

A Beautiful Mind Characters – In the movie version of the John Nash biography A Beautiful Mind, characters include Nash himself, his wife Alicia Nash, Martin Hansen, Charles Herman, and William Parcher.

A Beautiful Mind Synopsis – The book A Beautiful Mind, a biography written by Sylvia Nasher that inspired a movie of the same name, is a biography of the unusual mathematician and economist John Nash.

Ayatollah Khomeini - Ayatollah Khomeini term papers begin with Ruhollah Khomeini emerging as the center of dissent to the Shah of Iran in the 1960s.

Benjamin Franklin – This is a book report based on the reading of Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography, compose a portrait of Franklin’s “ideal citizen.”

Dorothea OremDorothea Orem is best known for developing the Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory and the General Theory of Nursing.

William Shakespeare – In his time William Shakespeare wrote 13 Comedies, 13 Historical plays, 6 Tragedies, 4 Tragicomedies, as wall as many sonnets.

John Edgar Wideman - Brothers and Keepers Research Paper explores John Edgar Widemans’ autobiographical accounts to understand his family, and the return to his hometown to find answers.

Catherine The Great - Catherine the Great And The Russian Nobility Term Paper evaluates the relationship between Catherine and nobility.

Jack Kerouac - Desolation Angels Research Paper discusses an autobiography about Jack Kerouac, written by himself.

Robin Lee Graham - Dove Research Paper explores a book by Robin Lee Graham about his journey around the world on his sailboat.

Gandhi- The Essential Gandhi Research Paper looks at a sample of an order placed for a project with a specific text requirement.

Abraham Lincoln – Gore Vidal’s Lincoln in a unique look at Abraham Lincoln’s presidency during the time of the Civil War.

Corrie Ten Boom- The Hiding Place Term Paper written by Corrie ten Boom is an autobiographical account of her life during World War II.

Chris McCandless – Paper Masters writes custom research paper on Into the Wild by John Krakauer, a look at the last days of Chris McCandless.

Lame Deer - Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions Research Paper looks at the life story of a Lakota ‘medicine man’, and his the spirituality he imparts to the white man.

Frederick Douglas – Read the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave with an introduction by David W. Blight.

Richard Rodriguez - Richard Rodriguez- Aria: Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood Research Paper discusses how English education was a life changing experience for him.

The River of No Return- The River of No Return Term Paper delves into one man’s story of his life in the Civil Rights struggle of 1960′s.

Shooting the Elephant- Shooting the Elephant Research Paper looks at the author’s personal experiences as a member of the Imperial Police in the 1920′s.

Christopher Reeves - Still Me Research Paper looks at a book by Christopher Reeves that discusses his coming to terms with being completely disabled and finding a reason to fight.

Jaycee Dugard – A Stolen Life is the story of Jaycee Dugard’s life of the 18 years she lived with her kidnappers Phillip and Nancy Garrido and later when she escaped from them with her two children.

Maxine Hong Kingston - The Woman Warrior Research Paper delves into a semi-autobiography of Maxine Hong Kingston.