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Research Papers on Beyond Good and Evil

Research papers on Beyond Good and Evil by Nietzsche can be custom written for you. Paper Masters provides solid academic writing on this classic philosophy work by Nietzsche.

In Beyond Good and Evil, Nietzsche discussed many forms of morality and concluded that all morality could be divided into two basic forms:

  1. Master Morality
  2. Slave Morality

He believes these distinctions originated in the ruling class, where the rulers determined what was "good." Nietzsche notes that the upper classes have determined that good and bad are equivalent to noble and despicable. This raised important questions for traditional moral systems, which were often determined by members of the aristocracy.

Beyond Good and Evil

Nietzsche and Beyond Good and Evil

Nietzsche argued that noble men do not require approval for their actions, yet they pass the judgments on others and create values. When the noble man does give money to charity or help the unfortunate in some other way, he does not do it out of pity or a sense of duty, which Nietzsche refers to as a "super-abundance of power". Nietzsche further distinguished the two types of morality:

  1. The "evil" man arouses fear for slave morality,
  2. The "good" man arouses fear for the master morality.

That is, they have a completely different view of good and evil because they view the world from completely different moral perspectives.


Nietzsche identified the ruling class with priests, and believed they were responsible for encouraging slave morality, as displayed by values like humility, obedience and forgiveness. In this respect, Christianity can be viewed as a religion, which maintains the master and slave morality.

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