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Betty Neuman Nursing

An important part of a nursing education program is examining theorists that have developed models of care that stand the test of time. Paper Masters specializes in nursing research papers and will custom write you an excellent research paper on Betty Neuman's nursing theory, most notably, Neuman Systems Model.

Throughout the history of nursing there have been a number of theorists that have left an indelible mark on the profession. One of the most notable, yet rarely acknowledge among this group is Betty Neuman.  Born in Lowell, Ohio in 1924, Neuman has spent her life dedicated to the profession of nursingBetty Neuman NursingWhile her ideas are not readily recognized in mainstream teaching, for both the novice nurse and the seasoned professional, the Neuman Model serves as a lynch pin of nursing theory and practice.

Neuman’s Theory

Research Papers considering Neuman’s theory state that several authors have noted that Neuman’s Model is simply that—a model not a theory.  Because it provides a theoretical framework for thinking about problems associated with patients, nurses and their interactions, it is best applied within the context of relationships that are experienced by the nurse.

The interactions experienced by the nurse include:

  • Intrapersonal - occur within person, e.g. emotions and feelings.
  • Interpersonal - occur between individuals, e.g. role expectations.
  • Extra personal - occur outside the individual, e.g. job or finance pressures.

For this reason, the model has a wide range of applicability and can be utilized with individuals, groups and society.

Write a research paper on the context of the Neuman model for the nurse including the history of nursing.

Neuman Systems Model

Although one may assume that Neuman developed the Neuman Systems Model after she completed her doctorate, in reality, Newman conceived the theoretical underpinnings for the Model back in the early 60s while working as a nurse in a community health center in California. As she transitioned from nurse to lecturer at the health center, her theory about nursing education began to take shape and by 1972, she published her Model in Nursing Research under the title: “Model for teaching total person approach to patient problems.” Although a number of refinements have been made to the Neuman model since its first publication, its original theory has remained in tact and as such has become one of the quintessential building blocks of nursing education.

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