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Research Papers on the Better Schools in Neighborhoods Issue

Paper Masters believe in helping students be the best they can be. Our topic suggestions, like the one you see here on Better Schools in Neighborhoods, help point you in the right direction with your research paper. To write about better schools in neighborhoods, write an "issue" affecting your neighborhood (census Tract). The issue can be something the people in the tract define as a problem or it can be something you see as interesting but that the people in the tract rarely think about.

The proposal refers to the need of better schools in a neighborhood census tract number is 288 Bronx New York. The neighborhood lacks good safe schools, this is due to the segregation of the poor into certain areas, which in result the board of education now works through a system of districts, which usually sends to these poor schools. Focus mostly on the high school education.

Better Schools Proposal

Better Schools in Neighborhoods Issue
  • The area of the Bronx is not known for a good public school system because noticeably, the number of children attending private and parochial schools are increasing. The reason for this increase is the lack of good and safe schools in the Bronx ares.
  • For the most part a child in the Bronx will attend a Public elementary school and then be sent to a private high school.
  • The age of adolescence seems to bring much more concern to the parents because the children are no longer confined to a set eight to three schedule.
  • The rising formation of gangs and use of drugs in Public schools alarm most parents concerned with there children's education as well as advancement.

Better Schools and Crime

This option for parents choosing to send their children to private or parochial schools is because of lack of good schools in the area. Statistics show that the children placed in these schools are more likely to graduate then the children in the public schools. The students also have a higher probability of pursuing higher education and succeed because of their high school education. I find this to be important factor that the census tract undermines because education leads to better jobs. The issue impacts significantly the statistic of High School graduates. Those in the neighborhoods with unsatisfactory schools and parents that can not afford these schools are at a clear disadvantage. Though the student may be willing to learn and be determined in graduating the environments in these schools are unsafe. The lack of money will confine them o a certain neighborhood which is zoned to a certain High school that most of the poor community attends. And it is a proven sociological theory that people exposed to the same people in the same situation find themselves in a bad situation that they just can not get out of. Therefore where there is a ghetto there is crime and even more increased crime with the adolescent age group. Therefore the unsafe environment of High school becomes an obstacle to the pursuit of a diploma.

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